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DEN CB De'Vante Bausby to IR (cervical sprain, avoids paralysis)

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Noteworthy for 3 reasons:

1.  Bausby was clearly winning the #2 CB job after Isaac Yiadom was miserable (only year 2, so can't throw in the towel, but still not ready), and Bryce Callahan moved to IR-return, and Kareem Jackson now our SS. 

2.  Bausby was a victim of friendly-fire, taking a hit to the head from Alexander Johnson.  The scary part - he was paralyzed for 30 minutes.   Basically his spinal cord had a mild contusion, but not so severe he remained paralyzed.  He's a lucky, lucky dude in that respect.

3.  He was one of the AAF grads who was awesome there - so now not only IR, but possibly his career in jeopardy.  You need at least 6+ weeks to let the ligaments heal in general, and i don't know of any neurologist in the post-Shazier era who will treat this lightly.   2019 likely is done, but also his career is in doubt.  That really sucks for DEN and him, especially as you need 4 years to get a pension and long-term medical benefits (it will only be for this year, if DEN parts ways next year).

If you needed a reminder of how brutal the sport can be, this is it.   Still happy he's walking.  Could have been far, far worse.


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this is scary, but what can be done about it? Even if the helmets were much different, this might have been a matter of momentum and angles and in this game these collisions happen.   Nice to see he is ok, and paralysis never lasted

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