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Steeler Hitman

Week #6 Gamethread Steelers 1- 4 @ Chargers 2- 3

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first off it’s the third hottie this week, more of this please😂

more to the point, now that’s a win lads, now that’s a win. the playoffs are not out of reach, by any and all metric

the ravens got deuced by the browns, remember, so if we can sweep the browns and top the bengals, 5-4, top miami and the jets, 7-4, indy, 8-4, arizona, 9-4, and one of la or the bills, 10-5... so we can go in to week 17 against baltimore at 11-4 (at most) and take them down, we’ll have them on the divisional wins tiebreaker


i really don’t see baltimore making it to 11-4 by week 17 either so that’s a worst case scenario

as long as we don’t drop winnable games like the cards, the jets, etc, and continue the dominance of cleveland and cincy, we can put ourselves in a situation of wild card at the bare minimum, and tbh, the way the defense is playing and the general lack of any team other than buffalo looking like a genuine number two in their division, it could well happen we get in at 9-7... to get that we need to go 7-3, which is more than doable with this schedule and this defense

terrible news about tuitt because he’s been a king, but tyson is a decent player and heck maybe we get some contributions from big dan, who knows, the subpackages that butler has been running lately have worked, so hargrave and heyward may not need too much help at all... one of the advantages on hargrave being a lighter NT is that we don’t need to rotate him as much as teams with a freight train at nose tackle

whew that’s a lot of thoughts, been busy with uni this week so i’ve had a lot to sit on, but that’s my ten cents for the state of steelers football right here right now 

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