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Week 6 Non Vikings Games


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10 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

I have a hard time seeing us win the division though. Both of our losses are to the division.

We’re within 1 game of GB and it’s week 6. This division is up for anyone to grab, especially if Detroit wins tomorrow night. 

We’ve got all of our division games at home remaining. Relax. 

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9 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

After next week, yes. 

Looking too far ahead, i am. xD

That's a brutal game, too. Detroit scares me with how well they are playing. The only issue they have is they decided they're a run first team and love running Kerryon for 3 YPC (because their IOL is bad at run blocking.)

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14 hours ago, Torchezim said:

Man, nice to see that 49ers are beating up on the Rams.  

Similar to what I said last week, it could be a bigger deal in the NFC than any one has let on.

It certainly could be.  As long as they stay healthy.  But, then again, I always had a feeling the Rams would take a step back, especially since their defense wasn't going to be as good as they were last year...and I still wouldn't trust Goff further than I could throw him.

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