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Dion Lewis Drawing Trade Interest

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I'm not a Lewis fan, but they need him right now. Given the loss of Edelman and Mitchell, and Amendola's injury issues, I wouldn't be looking to move a skill player. The Pats might end up needing Burkhead/White in the slot a lot if the WR issues continue. That forces Lewis into a larger role as a passing back.

Doubt they'd get much for him anyway. Maybe a 4th round pick or some other team's castoff LB. Not worth it.

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I'm with @mcmurtry86. I wouldn't move Lewis. With our thin receiving corp at the moment, the receiving backs like White and Burkhead are going to be asked to do more and play some slot. 

I was surprised how little he was used Thursday night and I think he's going to have a larger role going forward. I still think he's probably our all around best back.

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6 hours ago, Iron_man said:

I vote we don't do it. I agree with @1ForTheThumbI was surprised at how little we used him on Thursday as well. I kept saying to my brother "Why aren't we using lewis right now?"

I suppose it depends on how much of an issue you consider the front 7 to be, currently. 

For me, it comes down to; is our RB and receiving depth more important than how bad our front 7 looked in opening night? Is Lewis' availability to this offense more important than our perceived lack of pass rush?

For me, it's not. With White, Burkhead, Amendola and Cooks, I think we have short area quickness covered quite well. Brady can make do with that. Add Gillislee in the power, Hogan on longer plays (NOT end-arounds, J) and we have the pieces on offense. We were concerned with the lack of pass rush before the game, and we are now (rightly, in my book) concerned about lack of tooth from our front 7 as a whole. Imaging of Dont'a goes down, as well. 

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The Pats almost certainly won't be able to get a quality LB for Lewis. Best case is probably this year's version of Casillas or Van Noy which isn't a need (and an optimistic return anyway)

Other teams probably see him as a guy they can get on the cheap given the redundancy in New England. But he's a guy with ball security and durability issues and likely perceived to be a 1 dimensional player. On top of that, he's a year and a half removed from the only good half season of play he's had in his career. He's not going to have much value on the trade market.

He's more valuable to the Pats right now than to anyone else.

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1 hour ago, lancerman said:

Trade him. I don't like his injury history and we are set at RB. Yeah he's the fastest, but he's the least reliable of the bunch. We wouldn't even question this if Edelman was in. 

But Edelman isn't, and Mitchell/Amendola are question marks

I'm no fan of Lewis but moving any skill player for a meager return seems dumb right now 

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How exactly are we "set at RB?". None of the backs on our roster have shown they can handle a large workload and I'm not sure there's a RB on the roster who can replicate what Lewis does.

Also, it's very rare that Patriot's trade rumors leak early. The moves usually come out of nowhere and you don't hear about them beforehand. 

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