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Who is your all time favorite 49er?  

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  1. 1. Who is your all time favorite 49er?

    • Joe Montana
    • Jerry Rice
    • Steve Young
    • Ronnie Lott
    • Pat Willis
    • Navarro Bowman
    • Tom Rathman
    • T.O.
    • Frank Gore
    • Justin Smith
    • Joe Staley
    • OTHER

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I cant believe I havent thought of this before, but we absolutely need a thread to commemorate the rich history that we have. 

This thread is dedicated to all of the legendary teams/players we had in the city by the bay. Some of us, like myself, were not around to enjoy the glory years. I was pretty young when Garcia was our QB, and I dont really have many memories of Steve Young and the teams of the early 90s. 

So go ahead and post your favorite players/moments 

I'll start:


Pwilly is the greatest LB to ever lace them up imo. The guy was fierce. He was about as sure of a tackler as you will ever see. Such a fundamentally sound player, who had elite elite athleticism. The guy could go sideline to sideline. He could blow up Gs and Tackles that tried to come get their hands on him. He was amazing at shedding blocks and had an innate drive to be GREAT. He was born to be a linebacker. If you had to design a player in madden, to be an unstoppable in the force in the middle, you would be making a carbon copy of Patrick. 

We all know the story, but in case you have forgotten

Also, if you wanted someone added to the poll lmk. I think I can add more names. 

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I've loved loved loved Frank, and Pat and Justin, and Andy Lee, but I mean, the reason I chose the niners was Steve Young. I remember watching somewhat of a documentary where Bill Walsh and Jerry Rice just explained what made Steve great, and I was so impressed by the technical aspect of it that I became not only a niners fan, but I was then completely sold on football as a sport. There had only really been hockey and baseball for me, and football was in the background. And from a distance, my favourite football player was Barry Sanders, because he was unreal, and will never be matched. But that little documentary made me understand the game of football like I hadn't known it before, and it was all about Steve Young, and it was all about the 49ers, and the greatness of the franchise. So yeah, Steve Young is the man, for me. There would be no love for Gore and Willis and others if it hadn't been for Steve Young.

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15 hours ago, Forge said:

I just want to say that I love that Tom rathman is an option here

JTOSullivan was a close second

Kwame Harris was going to be in the mix, but he couldnt quite hold on

Ahmad Brooks was going to be included, but he jumped offsides

I tried to throw it over to vance mcdonald, but he dropped it, so instead I kicked it over to Kentwan Balmer, who returned it. 

Mike Singletary's pants almost made an appearance, but really his butt couldnt be contained


*Honorable mention goes out to RAZZLE DAZZLE ARNAZ BATTLE. That guy would have been a solid 3rd WR on a winning team. He was a good player. 

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3 hours ago, N4L said:

I purposefully didnt choose frank gore because I was waiting for @y2lamanaki give me 158 paragraphs of every detail of Gore's life

Nah, just settled for voting for him.

Started watching football when Montana was the QB, and fully understood the game in the Steve Young years. And while I have extremely fond memories of the greatest players in those years, I've always been a fan of the running backs. My favorite players were Roger Craig, Ricky Watters, and Garrison Hearst on those teams. 

But then I got to watch the entire career of the greatest of all the 49er running backs. 

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Steve Young. 

I was one of those brought up in enemy territory. As I got interested in football, I was told by far too many that I should like the Cowboys. In defiance, I chose the 9ers. Steve solidified that once he arrived because I knew of him from BYU.

Moments? So many. I did see "The Drive" as it happened on TV, though that wasn't Steve. My fave Steve moments/games are many: SB XXVIII is probably tops.

Honorable mention: Steve's struggle with a groin pull and Jerry caught him in the endzone because it hurt most on the sudden stops. Seriously, JR stood there arms outstretched and Steve jumped into his arms.

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In the '96 season
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A lot of people don't seem to talk about anything before the arrival of Bill Walsh. Which is fine, but one of the franchise's greatest linebackers, Dave Wilcox, number 64, HOF player, doesn't have his number retired. I believe every other HOF player for the 49ers does have their number retired. Even Dwight Clark has his retired. Patrick Willis and Frank Gore's numbers haven't been reissued since they left the squad I believe, and they may be retired one day. To me though, if Willis' number is retired, why not Wilcox? Obviously the team will start running out of numbers, but maybe they could do like Clemson does and just reissue old numbers with legacy patches on them or something. 

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I was born in 84, so it was in the heart of the dynasty. My favorite memory was the 1989 Super Bowl against the Broncos. My Dad was a huge Bronco fan and I was 5, but I remember every detail of the game.

Some of my favorite moments:

- Super Bowl against Denver and San Diego

- Joe Montana's return from injury against Detroit on Monday Night Football

- John Taylor's game against the Rams

-Jerry's record breaker against the Raiders

- Jerry Rice returning against Denver on Monday Night

- The Catch 2

- Lee Woodall's fumble recovery and 96 yard TD return against Buffalo on Sunday Night in 1995 (I was there live)

- Garrison Hearst's 98 yard OT TD on opening day against the Jets

- Comeback against the NYG

- Jerry's last game

- Alex and the jet sweep

- Vernon Post

- Kaep's monster game against Green Bay

My top 5 favorite Niners

1. JR

2. Ronnie Lott

3. Joe Montana

4. Roger Craig

5. Tom Rathman


I have a ton of love for the Willis, Owens, Bowman eras, but growing up in the Joe, Jerry, Steve eras was unlike anything else. I woke up on Sunday knowing the 49ers were going to win. It was just a matter of how much.


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On 10/13/2019 at 11:09 AM, Forge said:

I just want to say that I love that Tom rathman is an option here

I’ve heard some nutty hyperbole about how Juice Check is the best FB some dudes have ever seen on national TV this year. Like, Rathman was all that and a bunch more, guys. 

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