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MKE Bucks Thread | Bucks in 6 - NBA Champions!!!!

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14 hours ago, beekay414 said:

I'll be hammered again tomorrow. All I'm drinking, all day, is MKE MVP. Feel it's fitting.

Going down smoooooooooooth


13 hours ago, beekay414 said:

I'm already $250 deep into gear and I still haven't gotten a hat (or 5). 

$350 now lol

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10 hours ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

@beekay414 do you have any all time "Giannis needs to be traded" takes to exhume? If I can get specific, Lakers/Knicks fans acting like it's inevitable Giannis would be getting traded would be perfect.

None. Those people know the error of their ways. Well, you'd hope at least. Still got one or two knuckleheads doubling down on the site but ignorance is bliss.

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Bucks became the first team in NBA history to win the Western Conference and Eastern Conference Championship in their franchise's history and, by default of that, the first team to win the NBA Championship as a representative of each conference.

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I'm excited for you guys. I have given Giannis a lot of hate and thrown fraud insults at him. I called Milwaukee dumb for re-signing Middleton. I liked the Holiday trade, but man did I give him hate for his awful lows in the playoffs.

I'm just glad all of them proved me wrong.

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Been camping the last week - gotta give credit to Giannis & the Bucks - didn't think they could win 4 of 5, so to go 4 straight, full tip of my cap.     Giannis going 16-17 from the FT line, and the Bucks matching 3's and bench scoring in games 5-6, straight up earned that series W and title.    Nothing but strong props.     

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Posted (edited)

NBA Champion (2021)
NBA Finals MVP (2021)
2x NBA MVP (2019, 2020)
NBA Defensive Player of the Year (2020)
3x First Team All-NBA (2019-21)
2x Second Team All-NBA (2017, 2018)
3x NBA First Team All-Defense (2019-2021)
NBA Second Team All-Defense (2017)
NBA Most Improved Player (2017)
5x NBA All-Star (2017-2021)
NBA All-Star Game MVP (2021)
NBA All-Rookie Second Team (2014)

And he's 26 lmao

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4 hours ago, thrILL! said:


PJ probably has one hell of a hangover this morning. A buddy if mine met him at a bar that afternoon and he was still drinking like mad. 

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