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MKE Bucks Thread | Offseason


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13 minutes ago, titans0021 said:

We've looked pretty terrible thus far. Real chance John Henson has been the best player in a Bucks jersey.

it's a rough back to back though. this is one we just need to pull out, even though it likely won't be pretty.

clear blesdoe is a little rusty game shape-wise

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Bledsoe off the dribble and on D looks like he has a turbo button Brogdon and Delly don't have, game changer. I'm loving the confidence he has late in shot clock as well, something this team has missed since Knight. Liggins has become a cool little subplot, he's grinding on D and making the occasional three...rooting for him. Now its time to get a banger down low and Jabari back healthy! 

PS - Cashing that ML play against Spurs was niiiice! B|


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17 hours ago, titans0021 said:

Good win. Middleton needs to wake up though. I'm at a point where I don't even think it's his shot that's not working, his shot selection is just terrible. He's settling for so many iso, contested mid-range jumpers. 

The problem with him has always been selection. He takes far too many mid-range shots. A potential unseen consequence of adding Bledsoe will be an alteration of his shot selection, hopefully leading to more C&S 3s.

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Fun game yesterday. I think there was something like 15 blocks by the bucks. Middleton woke up but I still think his shot selection is crap.

If not for an uber efficient amount of 3s by the Pistons I don't think it would have been close. Bledsoe came up big in the last couple minutes. 

I still think if we could somehow get an above average center we would be awesome though.

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