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MKE Bucks Thread | Offseason


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I swear that Dame can drop 20 in a quarter whenever he wants.  

Sloppy game last night...but Giannis looked like he was rounding into form prior to his bs ejection.

Dame led the comeback and Brook had the huge 3.

After watching enough games, our defense is not where it can and will be yet.  Work in progress.

I think the bench has been surprisingly good so far.  Seems like we are limiting Dame and Giannis minutes and the bench is keeping the game in line.

As a fan I want more Dame early in the game, but that's just me being greedy.  I do want better defense, though.

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15 hours ago, Herbie_Hancock said:

If we can put together 4 quarters in a row of 4th quarter basketball, we might be the best team of all time lol. Damian and Giannis seem to be getting a groove together at least. Khris with some big shots tonight. 

Even tho Butler didn't play it isn't easy to get a win over in Miami.  But whoever decided to paint the floor that bright red needs to have his head examined.  It gave me a headache watching on TV last night.

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On 12/1/2023 at 11:17 PM, beekay414 said:

About what? The answer is no regardless. It's December 1st. They've played less than a quarter of a season. No. En, Oh. No.

Seems to me like this team is just stacked.

They are resting their stars because they have a great bench.  Not only can the bench sustain a lead, they can add to it.

Come the 4'th quarter, our best players are more rested than the competition.  Then we tend to turn it up a notch and put it away in 5 gametime minutes or so.

It's crazy.

I don't like how weak the defense looks, but it is hard to argue with the results.  

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1 hour ago, thrILL! said:

Plenty of time to figure it out this season but watching Indiana constantly swarm on defense while we look like we just DGAF sucks. Still not sure what to think about Griffin either. 

Yeah I’m not sure what to say on defense. We are winning plenty of games and really doing awesome in the 4th, but we need a tenacious defender off the bench.. jae in his prime was that and I still think he plays good defense, just gotta wait another month for him to get back. But still would like another really speciality d player. 

been loving Beasley though for offense as well. 

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