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MKE Bucks Thread | Offseason


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9 minutes ago, titans0021 said:

Giannis is just handing him wide open 3 after wide open 3 and he's not making any of them.

If he had only hit a few, we wouldn't be on the verge of getting run out of our own building in the 4th.  

And goodness gracious can we keep a man on Korver?  WTF Kidd???

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The amount of wide open 3s missed was troubling.

i get its hard to make guarded shots in the nba, like really hard. But our guys who are supposed to be making 3s were bricking shots guys from your local Y could make. They were that wide open. 

Weve gotta make those if we ever want to do anything, or we need to acquire guys like korver, or Seth curry, or whoever. 

Giannis opens up so much and we’re not taking full advantage of it. So frustrating. 

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