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What's wrong with the Eagles?

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Secondary is worst in league and it isn't close. Probably the worst secondary in NFL in the last 10 years. Ridiculous that they haven't traded for anyone. Roseman has a lot to answer for

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The corners have been very bad, but the receivers are also to blame for this. They lead the league in drops. A game winner against Detroit was dropped, potential catch to set up game winner against Atlanta was also dropped. 

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I think it’s a clear testament to Wentz that he’s had no capable WRs on his team this year outside of the first game, has had an atrocious accompanying secondary, and yet is a few key drops from having this team 5-1. I understand if you just box score it you may not see but he’s been playing at a very high level this year. 

The Eagles big problems this year are WR health/incompetence and injuries to the defense. 

Desean out and Alshon constantly banged up hobbles the offense. They have turned to rookies and unproven players and frankly a severely underperforming Nelson Agholor. 

As for the defense, we predicate success on our pass rush. And most of that was the ability to collapse the pocket from the inside with Cox and newly acquired Jackson. Although the DEs aren’t elite, they are more than enough with those two on the inside. Well, that was before Jackson went down and even his backup, Jernigan who played extremely well for us when healthy last year. 

With that said, our CBs (when healthy) are filled with a bunch of C+ players, granted with some upside. The defense depended on the pass rush to force the opposing QB to make quick decisions. And with that not happening now, coupled with the slew of CB injuries and younger guys being hampered with nagging ailments and also not stepping up in spots have doomed the pass defense to the point of 4th worst in the league. 

Not very hard to see when you’re watching every game. We had a clear way of running a successful defense going into the season and we lost the ability to achieve that very early in the year. 

But, with maybe a trade and some luck with the injuries it can be turned around. I fully expect a relatively healthy Eagles to win the division and do some damage in the playoffs. I think it’s just as simple as getting healthy to be able to compete with anyone. 

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