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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | 3* DE Isaac Townsend commits on transfer

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1 hour ago, Adam21 said:

Has this been said? The only thing I heard was that this year does not count as a year of eligibility for anyone. I've been waiting for the NCAA to say something about next year's 85 limit, but I have not seen anything.

Yes. This senior class does not count for the 85 man limit next year. The question is whether or not they'll go back to 85 scholarships for 2022 or not.

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I'm just flat out annoyed at how PC/Rudy call games when they aren't confident. It's basically just giving the games away and putting all the pressure on the defense. We saw it all 2018 and we're seeing it these last two games. 

The condensed formations are dumb. They don't work. Spread things out and give our RBs lanes to work with. Just piss poor playcalling/gameplans lately. Yeah, sure, blame the players for their part but they have gotten zero help from their coward coaches. I'm pretty sure I could call a defense vs this offense. 

Just my weekly reminder that we've gone as far as we'll go under Chryst. He's an issue, not a plus. Same ****, different game. 

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