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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | Dairy Raid Offense


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Wow how did that sneak in? I feel pretty lucky to be up 17-3 considering what has gone down in the past 10 minutes. INT by Hornibrook, offense reverting to its' natural 1 dimensional state, blocked punt returned to inside our 10. If we could make them respect the pass just a tiny bit more we could pour 40+ on them. It's honestly pretty impressive that Taylor has racked so many yards despite 8 to 9 in the box committing to the run.

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10 minutes ago, AlexGreen#20 said:

As bad as that was, passing on 3rd and 3 from the Nebraska 38 last week was worse.

It is freaking amazing how Chryst is determined to make this harder than it needs to be.

gotta put more stuff on tape and/or practice it with live reps too. Good practice games to try stuff out.

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