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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | Dairy Raid Offense


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Not that we deserve it, but we will probably end up moving up this week to 6 since Clemson lost to Cuse. First 6-0 start since 2011. Wish we could take that 2011 offense and combine it with this defense. Next 2 games are Maryland at home and Illinois on the road, we'll probably be favored 20+ in both. If 8-0 doesn't happen then we are pathetic. Our final quarter is probably our toughest, but still pretty damn easy. The two toughest opponents, Iowa and Michigan, we both get at home. Indiana on the road worries me more than Michigan at home at this rate. The funny thing is we can lose the Michigan game and we'll still be in the same position: Win the B1G championship and we're in the CFP, lose it and we're out. Committee can claim they use the eye test all they want but clearly they don't, a 12-1 B1G champ is in no question.


Hornibrook is not where I thought/hoped he was, I've accepted the limitations of his arm but his boneheaded throws seem to be happening more with each week. I don't like our odds against OSU or PSU, but the latter I think we would be able to fight with and win in the right circumstances.


So far we've taken advantage of our hilariously easy B1G schedule, let's hope we truly capitalize on it by winning at least 11.

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Im hearing people freakout about Hornibrook like he's worse than Stave (not on here). The guy just needs to get rid of that 1-2 head scratching throws a game and he's totally fine for what we need. The throws to Cephus for a TD and to Pryor for pretty much the game clinching 1st down were perfect. The guy isn't a 1st round QB, but I just don't ever see a school that plays over 50% of its games in mild to cold weather and who runs as much as we do ending up with much better.

The fact that we've had numerous OL graduate and more on the roster currently and the only real NFL prospect we've churned out was a D3 transfer is more concerning to me than our QB play. I think when Hornibrook is a SR and he has Taylor, Cephus, Taylor, Davis and Pryor around him, this is offense will he damn good.

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