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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | Dairy Raid Offense


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We survived Northwestern and the Trollermakers unscathed. I’ll take it. 

And yes, I agree about Hornibrook. He’s damn good 80% of the time. Just head scratching throws every game that makes you mad. Why? Because kid flashes championship level NCAA caliber QB play. He needs to play every down like it’s 3rd down cuz kid is a wizard on 3rd. 

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1 minute ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

Hornibrook has been money on 3rd. Granted our pass pro has been exceptional for most part and WRs are making contested catches, but he's been placing it perfectly.


Great TD pass right there, zipped it into tight window. Sometimes I swear Hornibrook has a decent arm...

He’s such a Jekyll & Hyde QB man. Brought the same thing up to my roommate. He’ll look absolutely phenomenal one drive but then looks utterly clueless the next. 

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