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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | If Chryst is back, this thread dies

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1 minute ago, Packerraymond said:

Dude, Mertz is totally equal in blame. He looks like it's his first time playing football any time he's pressured. The last time I've seen a QB with as bad of happy feet and dropping eyes under any sort of pressure was Brian Brohm in preseason.

He's completely and entirely broken. Chryst needs to decide if he wants to try and revive him and play Wolf, or just let him deteriorate into the abyss, have him transfer out and see what you have in Deacon Hill next year.

Yeah, sure. Mertz sucks right now but the playcalling rarely, if ever, puts him in a position to succeed. The designs are ******* terrible, the OL can't pass block for **** and our skill position guys suck or are unathletic sans Ferguson. This is a total team failure and it starts with Chryst. So, no, I'm not going to equally blame a 20 year old kid in this position. He's **** right now and he's broken. Who's fault is that? The kid himself or the HC/playcaller doing nothing to help him?

If your intent is to just survive games, play Wolf and watch him suck just the same. Deacon Hill ain't gonna ******* save us either. This is a PC problem and will continue to be.

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Just now, ramssuperbowl99 said:

Yep and Nebraska fans were pumped thinking Mike Reliey would bring them back. But I don't remember him completing anything.

4.1 YPA that game on like 55% completion%. That 3rd and 3 was RIGHT in the DOB zone lmao.

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4 minutes ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

EDIT: Also he doesn't deserve the initials. Spell his whole name out.

No, my keyboard doesn't deserve the punishment of spelling his entire name out. Literal wasted strokes.

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2 minutes ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

They both suck. Jack Coan sucks. Graham Mertz sucks.


I can't use any smaller words than that to try and make this easier for you.

Except one is having a good game and one isn't. One is actually playing like a college QB and one isn't. And not just this game, but the year so far.


QB1 - 62/99, 808 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INTs in 3 games

QB2 - 36/54, 324 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs, in 2 games.


That's not equal. Out of the two I'd rather have QB1. And the tough part is we gave up QB1 for QB2. If the play of QB2 doesn't improve then that's going to sting for awhile. We've known our defense was the strength of the team, and that we were in a down year for both OL and RB meaning we would need our QB to minimize mistakes. Sadly, right now it looks like the wrong horse was backed for that race.

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