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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | If Chryst is back, this thread dies

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1 minute ago, Packerraymond said:

Sanborn blowing up the RB and bearing down on their 3rd string QB and he stands in there and makes a big throw. Ours would've curled up in the fetal position.

Hornibrook, Coan and now Mertz have all had terrible pocket awareness. Perhaps its another theme?

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Just now, Packerraymond said:

There's a difference between pocket awareness and pocket panic. Only Mertz can fix himself.

Absolutely but, once again, another thing we can chalk up to PC's inability to develop...well...literally anyone.

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9 minutes ago, AlexGreen#20 said:

Nothing would be better for Wisconsin than finishing this year 7-5 with a horrific offense and an elite defense, having USC offer Leonhard a job, and having to fire Chryst to keep Leonhard. Then Leonhard bringing in a modern OC.

Unfortunately just not chance we fire PC. Only hope is PC stepping down, which I could see him do honestly as such a Wisconsin guy. A long shot? Sure, but I could see it as possibility. He’s made his $$, taken program as far as HE can, and might see what a special mind Leonhard is.

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23-14 since 2018. 7 straight losses to ranked teams. Last 5 of those, the Badgers have scored 7, 6, 7, 10 and 13. It's a Paul Chryst problem. He no longer has Bielema's and/or Andersen's kids to lean on and his true coaching ability is showing. He doesn't belong at a top 20/25 job like Wisconsin. He belongs at Akron.

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