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Are you buying the Colts' success?


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6 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

I do, and even moreso their long term success. Getting to the playoffs just keeps the momentum building. They need to figure out who is the guy long term at QB, but institutionally they seem poised to get most things right. 

Brissett is legit.

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We just beat two premier teams back to back. This is a top 3 team in the AFC, and honestly could be sitting at 5-2 right now had Vinny made some FGs Week 1.

Luck may have retired but this is still one of the most well-rounded teams in the league.

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27 minutes ago, ITS_RAMMY_PLAYBOI said:

I’m a massive NFL fan an watch a ton of

games. But even I thought they were 2-4 and not 4-2.. Sadly no they don’t have the horses to compete with the top teams. 

Have you seen the AFC other than the Patriots what other teams can’t they compete with lol.

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