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BDL 2019 Week 7 - Singapore Sentinels @ Williamsport Soul Reavers


Singapore Sentinels @ Williamsport Soul Reavers  

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BDL 2019 Week 7

Match:  Singapore Sentinels @ Williamsport Soul Reavers

Away Owner: @SirA1

Home Owner: @wwhickok

Vote for who you think will win this game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Singapore Sentinels

QB: Aaron Rodgers (LIMITED)

RB1: Le’Veon Bell 

WR1: Keenan Allen 

WR2: Mecole Hardman

TE1: Darren Waller

TE2: Foster Moreau

LT: Marcus Cannon 

LG: Bradley Bozeman

C: Eric McCoy 

RG: Billy Turner

RT: Matt Feiler 


RB2: James Conner

RB3: Latavius Murray

TE3: Jimmy Graham

WR3: David Moore 

WR4: Corey Davis

OL6: Weston Richburg 

OL7: Michael Deiter



Edge/OLB: Preston Smith

DT: Aaron Donald 

NT: Shelby Harris 

DE: Damon Harrison

Edge/OLB: Danielle Hunter

WLB: Deion Jones

MLB: Jaylon Smith 

CB: Jason McCourty

CB: Quinton Dunbar

CB: Jonathan Jones

FS: Tracy Walker III 


OLB3: Everson Griffen

OLB4: Brennan Scarlett

DL: Roy Robertson-Harris

DL: Montravius Adams

CB4/S3: Desmond King II 

CB5: Trae Waynes 

ILB3: Mychal Kendricks  

S4: Jesse Bates III



Williamsport Soul Reavers

QB: Dak Prescott
RB1: Chris Carson
WR1: Golden Tate
WR2: Calvin Ridley
Slot WR: Allen Lazard
TE: Dallas Goedert
LT: Charles Leno
LG: Austin Blythe
C: Mitch Morse
RG: Cody Ford
RT: Dion Dawkins

FB: Derek Watt
RB2: Derrick Henry (Starter if Carson doesnt play)
RB3: Tevin Coleman
WR4: Anthony Miller
WR5: John Brown
WR6: DeSean Hamilton
OL: BJ Finney
OL: Chuks Okorafor

(3-4 look)

LE: Jonathan Bullard
NT: DJ Reader
RE: Michael Bennett *INACTIVE*
LOLB: Shaq Barrett
LILB: Vince Williams
RILB: Devin Bush
ROLB: Brian Burns
CB1: Byron Jones
CB2: Carlton Davis
FS: Ricardo Allen
SS: Marquise Blair

DE John Simon
DE: Tyson Alualu
DT: Justin Jones
LB: Bud Dupree
LB: Darron Lee
NCB: Cam Sutton
CB: Trayvon Mullen


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Singapore Sentinels


Scheme:  Balanced 45/55 Run

We enter this weeks match up against a somewhat surging Williamsport team that has been wheeling and dealing players around the clock.  This team is definitely improving and should make for a very challenging game. Our offense comes into this game banged up at key offensive positions so we’ll be leaning heavy on the run and short passing game by our backs and tight ends to keep the chains moving.  Not the most ideal situation considering this Williamsport defense weakness looks to be their secondary right now and we’d love to take advantage of that, I’m just not sure we can with the depth issues we are currently facing at receiver. I’m just now reading that Josh Gordon and Marqise Lee have been officially ruled out for this week.     

Rushing Attack

We’ll start the game playing conservative football, relying on the ground game to chew the clock and move the chains.   Utilizing dual tight ends early in Darren Waller and Foster Moreau w/ Tyler Higbee as depth and some good ole’ fashion power running.  It’s boring as hell but no one said it had to be pretty. We’re hoping that wwhickok over schemes on defense in an attempt to cover up any concerns within the secondary that it creates double coverage assignments or just playing deeper coverage, that opens up some opportunities for our backs to find some running room.  Using our TE’s and receivers to assist in blocking. 

Passing Game

If the running game finds success in the first quarter, keep doing it but after the first quarter we’ll start to get our receivers more involved, with short passing gains to our backs out in the flat and tight ends simply taking what the defense gives us utilizing high percentage drag and dig routes.  Our wide outs will essentially be decoys to keep the secondary in deep zones while the short passing game keeps the chains moving and the clock ticking. We want to keep this defense on the field for as long as possible, have them good and gassed by the fourth quarter and see if we can’t get the ball moving further down the field, without abandoning the run game.

Pass Protect

Aaron Rodgers was limited in practice due to a knee injury so it’s vital we give him a clean pocket and limit him from having to run.  Leaning heavily on the run game early will keep Rodgers upright for the most part and having the two tight end sets will provide additional protection.  Shaquil Barrett currently has 9 sacks so we’ll make certain he is doubled either by pulling the guard over to help and/or having either the back or tight end stay in to block or chip block.  Regardless how it’s done, we'll have an eye on him the entire game. In addition, the short passing game should allow him to get the ball out faster.  



We’re not the only offense limping into this game; Williamsport has players limited or out this week.  In fact, it seems like a lot of teams are more banged up than what I remember from last year at this point in the season.  Williamsport is starting to see some success and they clearly look to have a better roster, acquiring a list of quality running backs which will be ultimately be our focus this week as they too are dealing with injuries at receiver.  

Scheme:  34 Defense Man Cover 1 

Run Stop

Our mission this week is stopping the rushing game and forcing Dak and company to beat us through the air.  We feel that our secondary matches up well against their receivers and that double coverage assignments aren’t required allowing our inside linebackers to focus all of their attention to limit if not stop the rush.  Our outside edge rushers we feel are good enough to control the edge while still adequately getting pressure on third downs.

Passing Game

We’ll run our secondary with 3 cornerbacks w/ cover 1 safety help over the top and in spy.   Our corners won’t play musical chairs with our opponents receivers, rather they’ll be assigned left, right and slot positions.  If the “Reavers” opt for two TE sets, we’ll switch out the slot corner in place of a safety in man coverage.   

The Blitz

Our focus this week is to stop the run at all costs, so our blitz packages will be limited to 3rd down situations as we take a conservative approach this week.  We have some exceptional pass rushers this year on our roster, and as much as I’d love to unleash them in this game our focus is stopping the rush. We still believe that even with limiting the blitz that our front seven is still good enough against a less than perfect offensive line that we’ll still manage to get pressure when it counts the most. 



Team: Williamsport Soul Reavers

Base Offensive Scheme: Erhardt-Perkins system, west coast WR concepts, RPO and zone blocking run game concepts

Core strengths: Mobile QB that is excellent in play action, RPO. Multiple RBs that can run both power and zone. Multiple WRs that excel in short to intermediate routes.

Strategy against Signapore Sentinels: 

*What I view as their primary Strengths*
- Bell & Conner as dual threats
- Interior DL
- 2 Good WRs
- Experieced QB

Offensive Gameplan

Singapore has a good defense but we feel confident there are some areas we can attack and succeed.

Aaron Donald is a guy that can move around and still succeed so straight up avoiding him isnt a perfect solution. Having said that, that's what we are going to do. With question marks on Maxx Williams' availability we have opted to not dress him this week. We are going to use Carson and Henry in 'power' off tackle running, continuing with the zone blocking scheme but attacking the edges rather than up the middle. We WILL run up the middle but it wont be the primary focus of our rushing attack.

We are going to run a lot of 3 WR sets in this game. The Sentinels have a good but far from elite secondary and we feel our speed on offense matches up well with their secondary. Enter Play Action.

We are going to use a higher amount of play action in this game because we believe it's the best way to take advantage of a strong defensive front. We want Dak getting the ball out quickly and efficiently. We are going to attack the soft spots in the zone defense of Singapore and set up play action with the run. We are going to take deep shots early and often toward Kareem Jackson who we think our WRs can easily out pace down field.

RPOs will be active again, we are going to use more of Tevin Coleman in this game as well. We absolutely want a 3 headed Rushing attack in this game (2 if Carson doesnt play) to keep our RBs fresh and the defense tired. Ball control is key, time of possession that is. We believe in our OLs ability to protect Dak.

Chuks Okorafor will assist in 2 TE blocking situations, a role he has filled admirably irl on occasion (due to uncertainty of Williams)


Base Defensive Scheme: 3-4 front 7, Cover 2 Zone secondary

Core strengths: DL and LB are able to play the run and generate pressure both naturally and through blitzing. Linebackers also excel in zone coverage. 

Strategy against Singapore Sentinels: 

We are going to play this close to the vest so to speak.

Byron Jones and Cartlon Davis will be tasked with shutting down Allen and Gordon. We are going to let our Safeties play cautious in terms of staying deep and protecting against stretch plays.

We are going to see more nickel in this game because Cam Sutton is a beast..and we think itll be smart because of the quality receivers on the field.

Bush is going to be tasked with making Bell/Conner remember his name. Bush' primary assignment in this game is going to be keeping the RB behind the line/chains. If it's a 2 RB situation we will let Cam Sutton spy one of them and pursue if it's a run/rb pass.

Same overall gap assignments I've been using all year except that this game we will have Bush covering an RB, in 2 RB situations Vince William's will be be responsible for the other RB, we will have to play more conservative in terms of pursuit to protect from a blown gap assignment.

As we have been doing recently we will blitz, with no more than 5 ppl, but typically we will work toward getting pressure with our DL and a LB. (Vince Williams and Shaq Barrett will get blitzing opportunities among others)

Matt Feiler, while good and quite strong is susceptible to being double teamed so we are going to get Barrett and the DE bull rushing him often early.

The goal of this game is to limit the passing game and create extra offensive possessions via turnovers as well as keep the RB in front of us.

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@wwhickok did you forget we have tight ends?...haha.  Nonetheless, I do like the reduced wording on the game plans, might have been a little too short, but I'd rather read this than a book.  I had a short week to push this game plan out out, so it was a little shorter than I would have liked.  



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58 minutes ago, ny92mike said:

@wwhickok did you forget we have tight ends?...haha.  Nonetheless, I do like the reduced wording on the game plans, might have been a little too short, but I'd rather read this than a book.  I had a short week to push this game plan out out, so it was a little shorter than I would have liked.  



 No I didn't forget had something in there about tight ends clearly accidentally got deleted

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26 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

 No I didn't forget had something in there about tight ends clearly accidentally got deleted

That sucks.  I haven't deleted like you say, but I've repeated myself or forgot to remove bits of my rough draft before...it's on me though for not proofreading before I submit.  So I get it, sucks when it happens.

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I think Williamsport has improved immensely from the beginning of the season but I don’t think it’s enough to topple Singapore here. Especially with the performance Aaron Rodgers had this week. I know it’s not against the same defensive players but one has to take into account regardless.  

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In a game where Singapore wants to shut down the Reaver run game and the Reavers want to run the ball to set up Dak, it's basically two rams butting heads to see who gives up first. I appreciate WW's plan to avoid the active interior of Sing Sing, but even the Sentinel edge players can hold up against the run and I think that's going to force the Williamsport offense into being 1 dimensional, which is exactly what Sing Sing wants. I think the Singapore ram out head butts the Williamsport ram. 

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