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Bengals Rushing Records


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Bengals are pace for some of the worst rushing statistics of all time (credit to Paul Dehner Jr. of the Athletic for digging up these stats).


Fewest rushing yards by a team since 1949 (that includes 14 game schedules) - 850 yards

  • Current record is 978 yards by the '63 Jets (14 games)
  • 16 game record is by the '00 Chargers - 1063 yards

Largest offensive/defensive rushing differential of all time - (-)2174 yards.

  • This one not only smashes the record, but would beat the record if you calculated the largest differential between years for any one team.


Some other good stuff in The Athletic article - https://theathletic.com/1309052/2019/10/20/almost-impossible-rushing-differential-sucks-life-from-bengals-energy-sources/

This is all time level futility folks.

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1 hour ago, TheVillain112 said:

Mixon shouldn't get a pass because he's stunk as well, but it's primarily the OL and coaching...

I think that's to be expected given the situation. It's hard to get into a groove when you're blocking is that bad. You just don't see the field like you should.

It's like when a QB develops happy feet from consistent pressure and repeatedly getting hit. You duck and run because that's what you're conditioned to do.

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