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Week 8: Packers at Arrowhead GDT


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The first week of Patrick Mahomes rehab is nearly complete. Mahomes has been in practice and is not ruled out for Sunday night. I doubt he takes a snap but it does give Green Bay something else to worry about. Also returning to practice is Chad Henne. He is not eligible to return for another week, but it looks like he will be ready when the time comes. The expected starter will be Matt Moore, while Kyle Shurmur has been activated from PS to be the backup. 

In a related move, DAT was dropped. Though it is not announced, I expect Mecole Hardman to pick up most the slack.

About the teams. Green Bay is a balanced team. #3 in Offense, right behind the Chiefs, and #7 in Defense according to FBO. On offense, they are balanced #6 passing and #5 rushing. The D favors the Pass #5 over Run #19. The Chiefs are still #1 in pass offense,#22 rush. 

The D, with a strong showing against Denver, has jumped into the top half of the league, #13 on the strength of #4 Pass over coming #29 Run. It's progress. Also, note the level of QBs we have played. By FBO ranking--Minshew #13, Jackson #12, Carr #8, Stafford #4, Watson #6. Only Flacco is in the bottom half. Fitting right in, Rodgers is #5 and Cousins next week is #7. 

We are wounded, but not fatally. The team has PM II in practice and the defense has shown it can be decisive and tough. Plus, this is in Arrowhead, so the crowd can be a factor. Let's play it and see what happens.



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