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JJ Watt likely done for year


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This sucks so much.  Dude was well on track to cementing himself in the conversation for best defensive player of all-time and that isn't an exaggeration.  He was unstoppable and even after two season ending injuries in 2016 and 2017, returned to put up 16 sacks and another All-Pro season.

I'm not sure if retirement is on his mind, but it probably should be.  Regardless he's 100% a Hall of Famer even if he never plays another down.  One of the best players of the decade.

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Like Gronk but even more so with JJ, Its a shame we didn't get the chance to see what Watt would have done had he stayed healthy his entire career.

He's the closest thing I've ever seen to being a legit comparison to Reggie White who I believe to be the GOAT. Hopefully this isn't the end but like Gronk and Luck, wouldn't surprise me in the least if it is either.

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59 minutes ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

Eh dude is just 30, if JPep can play deep into his 30's Watt can as a rush specialist. 

While I don't think he's done, Peppers wasn't riddled with injuries throughout his career.


We'll see. Doesn't seem like there are too many dudes out there cooler than JJ. Sucks to see him get bit with the injury bug.

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