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BDL 2019 Week 8 - Berlin Blitzkrieg @ Hawaii Nightmarchers


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BDL 2019 Week 8

Match:  Berlin Blitzkrieg @ Hawaii Nightmarchers

Away Owner: @Ragnarok

Home Owner: @Pickle Rick / @The Orca

Vote for who you think will win this game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Berlin Blitzkrieg
QB - Tom Brady
RB - Aaron Jones
WR - Chris Godwin
WR - Kenny Golladay
TE - Hunter Henry
LT - Kolton Miller
LG - Dan Feeney
C - Corey Linsley
RG - Gabe Jackson
RT - Taylor Moton

RB - Dare Ogunbowale
WR - Jake Kumerow
TE - Irv Smith Jr.
TE - Adam Shaheen
TE - Jordan Akins
OG - Ron Leary
OG - AJ Cann

DE - Justin Houston
NT - Brandon Williams
DT - Quinnen Williams
DE - Demarcus Lawrence
OLB - Tremaine Edmunds
MLB - Rashaan Evans
CB - Gareon Conley
CB - Byron Murphy
NB - Damontae Kazee
S - Lamarcus Joyner
S - Juan Thornhill

DE - Deatrich Wise
DE - Za’Darius Smith
DE - Markus Golden
DT - Leonard Williams
DT - Taven Bryan
OLB - Blake Cashman
CB - Rock Ya-Sin
CB - Mike Hilton



Offensive Starters:

QB - Russell Wilson

RB - Saquon Barkley

WR1 - Stefon Diggs

WR2 - Auden Tate 

WR3 - Diontae Johnson

TE - Vance McDonald

LT - Cam Robinson

LG - Marshall Yanda 

C - Ryan Kelly

RG - Brandon Scherff 

RT - Bryan Bulaga 

Offensive Bench:

T - Taylor Decker

C - J.C. Tretter

G - Pat Elflein

RB -Tarik Cohen 

RB - Alexander Mattison

WR1 off bench - Tre'quan Smith INACTIVE

 WR2 off bench Christian Kirk


Defensive Starters:

DE - Jadaveon Clowney

DT - DeForest Buckner

DT - Sheldon Rankins

DE - Frank Clark INACTIVE

SOLB - Myles Jack

MLB - Roquon Smith 

WOLB - Demario Davis

CB1 - Marshon Lattimore

CB2 - Mike Huges 

S - Anthony Harris

S - Eric Weddle 

Defensive Bench:

Slot CB - Bobby McCain

DE - Kyler Fackrell

DT - BJ Hill

DT - Chris Wormley

4-4 LB - Harold Landry

CB - Charvarious Ward

CB - Kendall Sheffield

S - Karl Joseph 

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Run game - Aaron Jones is going to be our main RB this week.  With multiple guys out, we are going to keep him in as many snaps as possible.  When he does need to come out, Dare will serve as our third down back as he is a good pass catcher and blocker.  We will run Jones both inside and out and incorporate a number of draws and screens to combat their pass rush.  Expect Jones to get 22-25 carries and 8-10 targets if at all possible.  In the pass game, Jones will either be getting a screen, flare out for an easy check down, or staying in to help block against a good pass rush.

If we get to 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1, we will have Brady sneak it every single time.  He's too good at QB sneaks to not take advantage.  Plus, this will help us extend drives and keep Russell off the field.

3 WR - Our main set for this game, we will use this around 60% of the time. We are going to typically sit in shotgun and use a quick passing attack that allows Brady to read and react quickly.  We will put a WR in motion across the formation to give Brady pre-snap information, so he can attack single coverage in man and find the soft spots in zones.  We aren't going to limit one guy to the slot as all three of our main WRs can play there, so we will motion guys inside and outside.  All our WRs can and will run every type of route, but we want to use a fair number of crossing routes to rub off defenders and find weaknesses in the zones.  

We will also split Henry out into the slot at times to lighten the box a bit more to help Jones in the run game and to show us the coverage.  If they are in zone when Henry splits out and he is not followed, we will throw a quick WR or TE screen to that side as we have a blocking advantage.  

Look for us to use double moves on their corners with semi-frequency.  We will leave Henry and/or Jones in to block on those plays to give Brady plenty of time to find the open man. 

2 TE - We use this set maybe 35% of the time with Irv and Henry as TEs and Golladay and Godwin at WR.  We are going to use them as additional blockers in the run game and  We will use primarily play-action passes in this set, especially attacking the seams and behind the LBs when they get sucked up. 

When we have a lead late in the game, we will use this set to grind out the clock.  Henry will be the TE on the line and Irv will serve as FB.

4 WR - Kumerow comes in for Henry.  With only 4 CBs on their roster, we want to challenge the Hawai'i secondary to cover all 4 guys for any period of time.  Jones would stay in to block.  

Defense -
General - We want to erase Diggs, focus multiple guys on Saquon and Russell, and force their rookie WRs to play consistently enough to beat us. 

3 WR - Gareon and Thornhill have Diggs, we will literally play Diggs like a gunner and not allow him to get off the LOS.  Byron takes the other outside WR and Kazee takes the slot.  We know this will challenge Byron and Kazee, but we don’t think their two rookie WRs can be consistent enough to cost us the game.  If they play Diggs in the slot, Kazee and Thornhill will treat Diggs like a gunner and Gareon takes the outside WR in man.

Joyner is going to play up in the box to give us another man to defend against Saquon and Russell.  Tremaine will take the TE in man.  Rashaan will spy and track Russell Wilson everywhere.  Joyner will have Saquon in man.  If Russell tries to break outside of the pocket, Rashaan will come up to meet him at or behind the LOS.

At times, Kazee will come on a nickel blitz and Joyner will drop out to take the slot WR.  Rashaan will take the RB here.

We will sprinkle in some basic Cover 2 and 3, typically in longer down and distance sets, so we are completely predictable. 

4 WR - Rock comes in for Rashaan and takes the other WR in man, but everything else stays the same.  Tremaine and Joyner just watch the backfield. 

2 WR - Cashman comes in for Kazee and takes the spare RB in man.





Motivation:  Still looking to get that monkey off our backs and get that first win for  @Pickle Rick and @The Orca

Offensive Base Formation: Shotgun pistol formation, 2 WR split to the weak side.  TE and the other WR on the strongside. 



Tempo: This week we will be running normal tempo offense.  We will be looking to control the line of scrimmage and dominate the time of possession, all behind our king back Saquon Barkley.

Playcalling Distribution:

40% run

20% pass

30% playaction pass

10% RPO

Personnel Changes: no major

Running: Our team is built to run and we will continue that this week.  We abandoned our constantly changing base formations and instead stick with our Shotgun Pistol formation this week.  We expect to be in our base formation 50% of the time.  We will run variants with McDonald as a motion man or bring in Lattimore to be the motion man and help to be a lead blocker for SB. Being in the pistol, our runs will be spread out to both side of the ball, keeping the Berlin defense off balance.  Our favorite play again this week will be 45 Whicker.  This play is a simple run that should provide big time yardage.  Man on man blocking with the TE doubling up on the DE to reach the second level and seal off the LB's to the inside, leaving a wide hole for Saquon to run through as we expect not much help between the edge created by the TE and the lone receiver on that side.  Whether Berlin is in zone or man this formation and set should provide huge plays.  On inside plays we plan on motioning our TE (80% of the time) or Lattimore down inside and allow him to become a defacto fullback and clean up anyone left in the holes allowing SB to burst through with vengeance on his mind.  We have large and angry men up front ready to open the holes for our horse to stroll on through to the endzone.  

Passing: This week we will be dialing back the run in favor for a little more passing and playaction.  Having one of the best QB's in the game to throw open our emerging WR's is always a bonus.  Stefon Diggs, who has been playing better than almost any WR in football lately with 3 straight 140+ yard games, will be our focal point in the passing game.  We will use a bunch of crossing routes and slants early on the game which we will shift to double moves on the outside later on and look to catch Berlin's DB's cheating.  Diggs has been huge at catching the deep ball and we expect a couple more of them this week.  We expect Berlin to try and use more LB's to contrain Barkely, as they do we will shift gradually to our passing game to get big chunck plays and then go right back to Barkely.  We also won't forget about Barkely here, getting him in screens and check downs will be the key to keeping the chains moving and controlling the clock. 

Playation and RPO's: we will be using these to catch Berlin crowding the box and cheating up to help stop Barkley.  Diggs who has been getting huge plays in playaction the last few weeks should feast again here.  We will also use our slot receiver to sprinkle in the RPO's as the linebackers start to cheat more and more to help try and stop Barkley. 


Defense Base Formation: 4-3 defense, switching to Nickel in passing downs and dependent upon ingame situations.  

Formation usage: 

4-3: 60%

Nickel: 30%

4-4: 10%


Defensive Base coverages:

Cover 3 - 25 %

Cover 2 Man Under - 25%

Cover 1 Man - 20%

Quarters - 20%

Tampa 2 - 10%


Playstyle: we expect Berlin to come our throwing this week.  We will be combatting this with our beefed up LB core.  As Myles Jack is a solid defender in coverage we will be using him some more in man situations, allowing our LB's to blitz more freely and often.  Brady is not agile any more so we will look to switch our coverage up a lot and try and fool him pre-snap and confuse him enough to allow our all-pro edge rusher or blitzing LB to get pressure on him and get the sack.  If they run more  WR or pass heavy sets we will shift to increasing our zone coverage.  If they stay in 3 WR set or less Jack will take the WR/TE.  To help out Huges he will be gettring help over the top and at times a double team to decrease the shots that Brady takes at him. 

Tl;dr: Riding Barkley all day and night.  Edge runs like 45 Whicker where it's man on man blocking with the TE doubling up to seal of the LB's creating big holes for Barkley.  Once they are in shock from Barkley we hit em with the playaction bombs to Diggs and screens and check downs to Barkley.  Defense will be predominately 4-3 or Nickle zone D, with a lot of movement pre-snap to fool Brady.  We will be doubling the receiver Hugues is on or giving him help over the top.  Barkley to the house!!!

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Both gameplans, imo, are excellent and both teams have a really good defense. Hawaii has some really nice weapons offensively but at the end of the day, if you take away Diggs, idk how effective the other guys will be, theyre talented but I feel like Berlin will match up well against them and I feel like Berlins offense is just too good not to get the edge in this one.

Especially with going for it on 4th and 1. I like the aggressive plan. 

I gotta go with Berlin here in a really good game. 31-17 Berlin

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20 hours ago, Jlash said:

So essentially, Rags, you're going to be playing a cover 0 for the majority of the game? 

For a fair part of the game, especially on early downs.

And considering Hawai'i said Diggs would be the focal point and didn't even mention any of their other WRs...I feel okay with that decision.

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18 hours ago, Pickle Rick said:


Christian Kirk had 8 catches for 80 yards and 1 rush for 20. 

How does that warrant an inactive 


18 hours ago, Pickle Rick said:


Frank Clark has 2 sacks last week.  How does that warrant and inactive status 

Clark was inactive vs packers. 

Kirk I just had a brainfart I guess

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16 hours ago, Ragnarok said:

And considering Hawai'i said Diggs would be the focal point and didn't even mention any of their other WRs...I feel okay with that decision

If you go by Lukic's rationale, Russ is an all pro so he's going to figure that out. 

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