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Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

Steeler Hitman

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Steelers 3-4 vs. Colts 5-2                                                                             When: Sunday, November 3, 2019 @ 1 pm 

Series History:  Steelers 24-6 Last Meeting: won 20 - 17 Steelers     Where: Heinz Field Pittsburgh, PA





1. Mason has to get the offense rolling early.  So far, seven games and seven opening/first drives that have not even produced a first down or more than four plays.  This sets a negative tone of the game, begins the process of losing the TOP battle and wears on the defense.  Several games this offense has sleep-walked through the first quarter or acted as if they didn't get off the bus or plane until the second quarter. You have a physical team in the Colts; punch them in the mouth early or they may knock you out.

2. The passing attack has to start clicking.  The check-downs and short throws are great and at times act like runs.  However, there are times and teams that the Steelers will face that the horizontal game will not be enough.  OC Randy Fichtner did a solid job of adjusting Ju Ju and putting him on a #3 or #4 CB against the Dolphins.  The WR will need to start beating the #1 and #2 CB as well.

3. Win the TOP battle. Staying out of third and longs and even third downs while eating up clock and wearing down the defense.  This puts pressure on the opposing offense and allows TJ and Bud to come after opposing QB's.



1. Quietly TJ and Bud have become a force rushing the QB.  Many have criticized Dupree in the past, but he is doing more than getting "junk or coverage" sacks. The pair will need to be smart rushing Jacoby and maintain discipline in the run defense. The Colts OL is scary and their backs can wear down a defense and open the passing lanes up as well.

2. Run defense has to be at its best.  Quentin Nelson is an absolute monster.  This guy has not even hit his full potential and when he does his name may even potentially rise above other great OG's names like Mc Daniel, Faneca and Hannah. No Tuitt hurts, but a lot has to do with lane discipline. Don't get out of position and try not to get blown off the ball. This is a game that I would prefer to see Williams and Bush.  I would run blitz at times to create some timing problems in the blocking. It can get ugly if the Colt OL gets man to man helmet to helmet.  They can rush the ball as well as San Fran, Seattle, Baltimore and the Pats. 

3. No big passing plays.  Jacoby is a different QB now than two years ago.  He is better and more confident than when he flung the ball all over the RCA dome and connected on two long TD passes. However, I do believe that our opportunistic defense can force some turnovers with pressure and being in position. They are not the defense of two years ago either. Nelson, Minkah, Haden and Edmunds need to be on task.  We have benefited from tipped balls and errant  passes.  Take possessions away from the Colts and keep that plow-horse of an OL on the sideline.



Steelers upset the Colts and move to 4-4 with a surprising 30 - 20 win.








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Just to give an idea of how close the AFCN may end up being:

Steelers (3-4) Remaining Schedule

  • vs. Colts
  • vs. Rams
  • at Browns
  • at Bengals
  • vs. Browns
  • at Cardinals
  • vs. Bills
  • at Jets
  • at Ravens

I see losses vs. Colts, Rams, Browns (a sweep would be nice ,but I am going to assume split series within AFCN), Bills. If Steelers even the series vs. Ravens, let's assume 8-8.

Ravens (5-2) Remaining Schedule

  • vs. Patriots
  • at Bengals
  • vs. Texans
  • at Rams
  • vs. 49ers
  • at Bills
  • vs. Jets
  • at Browns
  • vs. Steelers

Ravens likely lose vs. Patriots, Texans, Rams, 49ers and Bills with the Steelers game to even out the series. That would leave them at 8-8 also.

Browns (2-5) Remaining Schedule

  • at Broncos
  • vs. Bills
  • vs. Steelers
  • vs. Dolphins
  • at Steelers
  • vs. Bengals
  • at Cardinals
  • vs. Ravens
  • at Bengals

Losses to Steelers, Ravens, Bills would put them at 8-8 also.

This is obviously with no surprises either way, but the division could easily end up in a 3 way tie. While the Colts, Rams and Bills games will be the biggest challenges for the Steelers, their best bet to make the playoffs is to win the divisional games. Winning the remaining divisional games would likely be enough to win the division assuming they win the games they're supposed to win. While I don't trust this team to do it, playoffs are still very much in their control.

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3 hours ago, Big Snack said:

This is going to be a bit tougher test to see if we can get back to .500, and if we do then @Steeler Hitman will be locked in doing game day threads the rest of the season. 

Well done on the ladies once again good sir.

Win or lose, I have committed to doing these game threads.

Trying to stay tasteful and creative on the ladies.  Hopefully something for everyone's tastes.

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22 minutes ago, August4th said:

Steelers being able to somewhat keep up with SF on the road with Mason making his 1st start makes me think they can hang with another physical team in indy

I can see this being one of those trendy steelers loses where they find a way to lose in the last 5 minutes

That's my thinking as well. You can also throw the Ravens in there. While they may not be all that physical on Defense anymore they are on Offense. The Steelers played them really well. LJ had very little room to run. Its going to take a close to perfect game in all 3 phases but it is possible. I expect Vinatireri to struggle a bit outside in Heinz. 

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5 minutes ago, Warhorse said:

This should be a good game. The Steelers own us. 

We have won the last five in a row, but the last meeting was won on a last minute FG.  Jacoby had a nice game throwing a few deep TD's including one to Moncrief.  I love Quentin Nelson, the Colts OL and rushing attack. The Colts are very balanced and will punch you in the mouth (very hard at that!!!).  :$

Tradition is in favor of the Steelers, but this is by no means a lock or easy win for either team.  The Steelers are inconsistent and the offense really needs to step up and set the table for the defense for a change.  Seven games and seven first series plays of three and out or a turnover.  The Steelers cannot afford to fall behind early like they did in 2017.  If they do, with some DL injuries and using the formula of (Seattle & San Fran), you could pound us to death in the running game. 


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