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Week #9 Game Day Thread Steelers vs. Colts

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Just now, DudeWhat??? said:

Cant find a WR to save his life. Even if they are wide open... has no idea where he is at ...barley can make dink and dunk passes to TEs and RBs and even those are behind the target... he is looking like a poor man's Tim Couch. Smh 

He’s really good at throwing behind RBs. 

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The defence will keep the game(s) close but I can't tolerate the OC . I still think mason can be decent, but at least establish the run. If the OL is that bad, then next year make sure it's improved.  I can't stomach this much more

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Just now, warfelg said:

Rudolph triple, quadruple, sextuplet clutching. Not good. 

I think he needs more rhythm throws. Just quick drops and getting the ball out. I know he threw the deep ball well in college but that was college. These long drops are killing the offense.

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Rudolph has a lot to like about his game that’s well ahead of where it should be. Poise, quick memory, going through progressions. But he has two things I’d love to see him work on in the off-season. 

The hard thing: pocket presence. He has none. Half the times he gets in trouble with pass rushers are his own fault (see the interception last week, the fumble last week, the safety today). 

The easy thing to do: hire a pitching coach and learn how to unleash his legs. He’s got a nice arm already, a little bit better feet and legs and he could be dangerous. 

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