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I think Burrow's arm strength is comparable to Dalton's now, which is better than it was when Dalton was coming out of college.  Arm strength is something that can be increased some upon entering the NFL, as long as you have at least a solid baseline of arm strength to start with, which I think Burrow has.

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1 hour ago, Beck Bristow said:

Is Eli manning coming back to start a good thing?  I know he won't be interested in tanking. 

Oh it's definitely a good thing. Daniel Jones was a walking turnover. 

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31 minutes ago, johndeere1707 said:

And Eli isn’t?

Eli Manning - 234 games played
241 INT's, 56 fumbles lost
1.3 turnovers/game

Daniel Jones - 11 games played
11 INT's, 10 fumbles lost
1.9 turnovers/game

If you want to only look at Eli's last 5 years (2014-2018):

79 games played
68 INT's, 21 fumbles lost
1.1 turnovers/game


So, yes he is, but not to the degree that Jones is.  The difference in that almost 1 turnover/game is not a trivial thing.  It's likely somewhere between 3-10 points, depending on where the turnover occurs and who the opponent is.

Also, Eli's other metrics are better too.  NY/A, Y/A, sack%, Y/C, etc.  He's a better QB still.

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