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2020 Senior Bowl Invite Thread

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On 11/20/2019 at 7:14 AM, Fureys49ers said:

For me atleast he’s extremely frustrating, has games where you think he’s put it all together. He’s surprisingly a plus route runner which isn’t all that common with WRs that big, and does well in and out of cuts. But you rarely see him physically dominate CBs with his size and he’s probably below average on 50/50 balls which is absurd for a guy who’s 6’5”/6’6”. His hands also waver at times and then there’s the constant little injuries that happen often. All the tools are there, and even the difficult skills to master for bigger WRs are better than one would think but the things his size would lead you to believe about his game are lacking for me.

To sum him up he’s just soft, wish he had the mentality of his teammates Eagles or Duvernay, or Humphrey from last year.

Lil'Jordan Humphrey in Collin Johnson's body would be the scariest WR prospect to match up against like ever. Humphrey's physically limited, but Johnson has the ideal athleticism that teams covet. I've been saying all along that Johnson to me is a slot WR in a possession/red zone WR's body. And when I say slot WR, I'm talking the little shifty ones. He seems to shy away from contact at times, which is crazy because he could REALLY bully people.

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