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Revisiting the Mack Trade

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I try to live in the world that I know and not what may be. If Mack wanted to be a Raider he would be imo. He shows up to camp and plays under his contract that trade doesn't happen the way it did. 

Maybe the Raiders couldn't or didn't want to pay him all that money and would have eventually traded him anyway. Maybe he was done with the team and wanted to move on. Either way, he made the choice not to show up.


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Mack’s character is unquestioned.

Gruden’s EGO has always been known.

Cant believe some of the comments but what should I expect around here. Lol

Winning is great but what happened last year was total BS! Most of the team QUIT and that is when Gruden allowed the younger players play because the Vets he loves so much had enough of the BS. Knock on wood if you’re with me. Lol

Had we kept Mack we’d probably drafted Jacobs with our 1st but it would have been higher because we would have won more games. We’d probably drafted Crosby as we traded down after selecting him, so he was on the radar above others. Abram wouldn’t be our 1st but may have slipped like most of the safety’s did. Thornhill was my favorite. Probably kept Cooper had we been winning. If so the maybe kept 3rd and 5th because no trade for AB.

We had leverage and we took a lesser deal to a team we thought would suck more than 49ers. That trade nets us Bosa and probably keeps our 2nd. We could have waited a few games to see if Mack holds out with game checks and fines accruing.

A lot of things COULD have been handled better.  IMO we failed at handling that situation. Not a win/lose but a failure. 
I WILL give credit to Gruden for turning it around and having this team believing as last years didn’t. We are having a great turnaround with a really hard schedule and improving. So if the Bears draft a HOF QB with our 2nd and he wins a SB did we still win?!? Lol

If I could change anything it would have been paying Mack and Carr at the same time. Von money may have done it but we paid Jackson who I thought was going to walk behind KO and Hudson were top paid. Didn’t expect Gabe to get his with us.

Season isn’t over and I hope Bears lose out because I want a top pick and us winning and making noise in the playoffs. 

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