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NFL draft 2020

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47 minutes ago, Mid Iowa said:

Good stuff. What if... what if the DC thinks about a hybrid type line, kinda like what the Vikings pulled on us when they beat us. They took their edge guys, and put them in the middle. Our interior couldn't handle the speed (which is not what they're built for, they're built for heavy power) so they were on their heels, which took Brees out of his game, and the rest is history.

I don't disagree with the need for a DT and LB, but a good, heavy DT can come a bit later in the draft, or even in free agency. But I guess an edge rusher can, too.

The Vikings made that adjustment specifically when we were in passing situations to take advantage of a weak link on our line.  You can't do that on all 4 downs.

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On 1/16/2020 at 6:01 AM, Canadian Saint said:

Why OG and EDGE as needed positions?

I thought Easton was fine during the regular season, and we more struggled against the Minny D-line because Peat was back. Warford had a stinker (as did the entire O-line), but he's shown he's a probowl starter.

With Edge, between Jordan, Davenport, Hendrickson and Granderson, I thought we were solid, even with Davenport's injury worries. Same with DT, between Brown, Rankins and Tuttle.

LB and WR for me the top 2 needs. Outside of Davis, we don't have much in terms of talent. Anzalone is fantastic when on the field, but thus far he's rarely been. Klein is limited. Alonso is fine, but I think we could upgrade. Robertson is a ST only guy.

WR, well outside of Thomas (and not counting Cook), I don't think any of the other guys would make it into the top 3 WRs of the remaining teams. That's a problem and a huge gulf in the difference of talent.

Bottom line is that we lost in the playoffs due to poor guard play and zero pass rush.


2 years in a row Davenport watched the playoffs from the sideline and Peat was annihilated on the inside. 


Football is still football in the post season. Refs hold flags and the game gets more physical. What wins for the Saints in the regular season wont win in the post season. The offensive line needs to be more stout and physical on the interior (Eason is not the answer) while we need much more edge rush production than what we been getting.

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15 hours ago, Mid Iowa said:

In my opinion, I think continuing to build that D-line and LB corps is the key to getting us deeper in the playoffs.

I'm looking at the template that the 49ers have built, taking D-lineman in the 1st round for how many years now, 5 I think? And that D-line is scary. That helps that secondary tremendously, and we need that.

A little more protection for our QB, and an additional WR would be nice, but ultimately, we're losing when we can't stop people, not generally due to the lack of offensive production.

i also view RB as a darkhorse need... This team missed Mark Ingram, especially in pass pro this year. Muarry was ok and Kamara didnt hold up. A more traditional one cut downfield power runner with young legs that has pass pro potential is a sneeky need for us.

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6 hours ago, whodatworm23 said:

 poor guard play and zero pass rush.


I agree, people looking from the outside in assume we have great OL and great edge rush.  But this interior OL gets manhandled way too often, and the pass rush isn't where it needs to be, especially with Davenport hurt.  We lost to the Falcons earlier in the year due to turnstile OL, and also to the Vikings, who coincidentally studied the Falcons game and attacked Peat and the interior.

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