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NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

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8 hours ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

Since we have a mock draft thread i figured we could discuss the severity of our needs since it seems like we have varying opinions of what we should be gunning for with our 2 1sts and beyond

well heres the list of needs i came up with in no Order.

LT: Cam has given up 3 sacks and 8 penalties and after next year he is a FA. we need to either find our Future LT or our Swing tackle

LG: Andrew Norwell has just been a pretty dissapointment for the money were paying him.  hes played like a mid-level starter and hes being paid as an All-pro.   been solid in pass pro but just hasnt been wow.

C: Linder can be moved on from with 0 cap hit. while he hasnt played terrible i find his 10 Penalties atrocious

RG: Richardsons play has been bad with 3 sacks and 5 penalties in just over 330 snaps.  aj cann  has performed better as the passblocking option at rg with 1 sack and 2 penalties in 408 snaps but our run game has sucked rushing to the right side.

RT: Jawaan Taylor has been pretty terrible for a guy whom the media was hyping as a 1st round talent.  8 penalties and 6 sacks  is completely bullcrap even tho hes had to face some good edge rushers.  i would like to see Taylor have to compete for a starting role and not just be given it due to his draft pedigree.

TE: Josh oliver looked like a promising draft pick but hes done relatively nothing cuz of injury.  a QB needs to have a reliable TE to atleast check it down to.  Swaim is trash and James O looked promising but to this point hes been just a guy and isnt getting any younger(hes turning 28 next season)

WR: outside Charks improvement and dede hitting his stride again its a mixed bag of parts.  Conley seems to have a good skill set but doesnt catch passes. cole seems to not be abke to get on the field but when he does get a target he makes a catch for a decent play. 

RB: Fournette seems to have improved this year to a degree but we dont have a good Backup RB choice.  armstead hasnt really done much with his runs. 

Edge: Alot depends on what happens to Ngakoue wether we resign him, tag him or let him walk.   Josh allen has been a good pick.  Smoot has showed some improvement and is now used inside at DT in certain packages. 

DE/DT: Campebll isnt getting younger. hes getting older and due to drop off sooner then later.  Dareus is due a huge salary next year. bryan has looked improved and abry could be cut if we wanted/needed to. 

LB:  Myles Jack and Leon jacobs is the only true starting caliber guys at lb.  Quincy williams seems fairly injury-prone thus far in his career.   jacobs plays his role well and doesnt need replacing. 

CB:  im not impressed by herndons play tho im pretty sure its cuz opposing offenses are testing him almost every play.  bouye showed he can be a number 1 for a couple of years if we need him to. he did a good job vs hopkins. 

S: Wilson has been adequate but hasnt really made any game changing plays tho i did like the effort on the 1 play to stop a td.  harrison has emerged as a playmaker. 

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19 hours ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

@LinderFournette I know you said in no order but honestly if you had to what would it be? I see you mock so many guys that are so and sos replacement but it’s obvious we have pressing immediate needs too

Well it depends a bit on resigns and cuts.

I definitely think 1 OL is almost a must in the 1st 3 rounds. 

I also think a DT(more of a runstopper but well rounded works as well) and DE should be up as well with campbells age/contract and Ngakoues future. 

I would like a couple of DBs as well.

Mostly i want to take the best talent in the draft with needs considered. 

This team just needs an influx of talent. 

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1 hour ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

I’m here for taking two WR’s round 1.

If I'm being honest it wouldn't be the worst thing...

Get JOS back next year, Oliver continues to develop, Fournette at RB, and a WR corps with Chark + Lamb/Juedy/etc.? Whether it's Foles or Minshew, they'd very much be in a great position long term with that much talent.

Herndon has been very solid, ideally he'd be a #3 for now but I'd be fine getting a corner later, if Brown is gone grabbing a big run stopper mid rounds, and fill LB/grab an OL at some other time. This OL is very young outside of Linder and Not well, there's a reason to hope for continued development.

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16 hours ago, .Buzz said:

Not sure I see this but...

Give me Devonta Smith over Jeudy right now.. Smith has the game changing speed the Jags offense needs. I’m more impressed every time I watch Smith suit up. Jeudy is flashy quick twitch athlete hell of a route runner for his age but his hands are suspect. Smith isn’t the flashy amazing catch guy he isn’t going to wow you from that stand point. Smith is just a good football player with room to grow I like his ceiling. Possibly get him late 1st or 2nd. 

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No chance old man Coughlin takes 2 WRs. It definitely would be interesting but dont we have OL issues to address too? Not saying I'm against the idea, the thought of 2 of those guys plus Chark would be incredible but do we really need to invest that much draft capital into WR when we already have Chark?

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3 hours ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

No chance old man Coughlin takes 2 WRs. It definitely would be interesting but dont we have OL issues to address too? Not saying I'm against the idea, the thought of 2 of those guys plus Chark would be incredible but do we really need to invest that much draft capital into WR when we already have Chark?

95% of the NFL has OL issues and I’m not to sure Coughlin will be here barring the Jags making a remarkable run down the stretch. + I don’t think many GMs would draft 2 wideouts.

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I think our "draft needs" and our "1st round draft needs" are kinda different.


We need LBer help bad, and the secondary could use help at CB or even S.  We need to be better there, but i don't really know that those are positions i'd spend 1sts on, unless there's someone special that really fits.  Those might be the biggest "needs", but you can find guys at those positions later.

OLine obviously needs work at multiple positions.  I'd probably start at LT and see how that shuffles guys around to maybe cobble a decent line together from there.  Depends on what's there at our picks though.  An interior OL wouldn't upset me with the Rams 1st.


Probably the other most pressing things that stand out for "Round 1" value are WR and TE.  We need dynamic, gamebreaking pass-catching talent.  Someone outside to slot Chark into the right place as a WR2.  Someone with bigtime TE upside to be that go-to target while also fitting with a team that is built to run the ball.


Depending on what happens cap-wise, we'll probably be in the market for Interior DL help.  Nobody there is really getting any younger anyway.  That's going to be fairly dependent on what sort of new coach and scheme we plan to install though.  Hard to pin down exactly what we'll even need most there.


Heck, i'm not even sure we shouldn't be in the 1st Round QB game.  Especially if someone i like is there with that Rams 1st.

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