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Prioritize Positions We Need to Address this Off-Season

Mind Character

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1.) RT

2.) LT

3.) RG

4.) Hybrid-SS box player that can Range playmake in the pass-game as well (Steve Wilks defense can't run without it.

5.) Reliable Speed Boundary-WR2 with slot versatility in order to change field spacing and make defenses pay when doubling Odell

6.) Pass Rush upgrade DE/3rd situational impact pass rusher to add to rotation (Maybe trade Philly to get back Genard Avery??)

7.) All-Around Impact TE that can make a difference in blocking and receiving

8.) FS if Randall remains injury prone or doesn't resign

9.) DTCB1/CB2 in waiting if Denzel or Greedy's bodies continue to fail them


As it stands, our only internal candidates for such positions are likely one of the OLine positions with Drew Forbes (I want to believe in Teller but he looked awful in his first game) and Sheldrick Redwine as the Hybrid box safety (He looked lost in early snaps in pre-season as rookies tend to do). 

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Im confident that we have our rg in in forbes, McCray or teller. 

We need both tackles, id resign robinson at a lower rate because we need it, 7 million per year. 

Id like a qb in the top 4 rounds to compete with baker. 

Id like to trade away either obj or landry. 

Id trade callaway if we could getbsomething for him.

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It's tough because we lack an identity. I'd like to see a complete tight end though. Also guys who can tackle on defense.

Besides offensive line help I don't think we need talent to be good, we have enough. We just need a direction. I don't like our defense but I think our defense was built/designed to play with leads and our offense hasn't done that for them.

So I dunno. Is Freddie our offensive coach and Wilkes our defensive coach? That really would have to be answered.

If it is Freddie build a great pass blocking line and the offense probably works. I mean great though, you may have to trade picks/players to make it great. I mean you definitely have to. We'd be better with great tackles than with Hunt/OBJ in this offense.

If it is Wilkes you need great tackling secondary players because his defense is littered with safeties and corners and often they are the initial line of defense along with being the last line of defense and if they blow their tackle with a shoulder shot it turns into a big gain.

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10 hours ago, candyman93 said:

I feel Thomas is spot on about the defense. It’s meant to protect leads.  

I’d maybe draft Grant Delpit if he’s available, but other than that idk. Maybe another high end pass rusher. Chase Young is the only guy I’d break bank for in the draft.

Yeah, I don't have a feel for DEs yet outside of 3 or 4... I hope it's not an empty draft pool year for that position.

Wilks' defense desperately needs an impact safety that can get people on the ground and who isn't afraid to stick their nose in on a run fit or lay out to force the run back to other defenders. 

We don't need an elite of the elite SS-hybrid but a good that can play above that at times. Jabrill Peppers was really the type of Safety Wilks has always wanted. I'm not a fan of Delpit's instincts but he's a solid player for sure.

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The first question will be FA and who we keep as well as who we let go.  Then, I think Dorsey will sign some OL personnel including TE who can actually block.  With the draft, best possible player strategy always works as we have a lot of needs or upgrades.  #1 is an offensive line with 2-3 TE's who can block so we can run and pass block.  #2 is Defensive line who can pressure and tackle.  #3 is both safeties who can run, tackle, and cover.  #4 is trade Beckham for picks or needs.

Personally, I believe RG and RT must be big, strong, and able to run/pass block at high level.  Losing Zeitler was a huge mistake as it disrupted the middle of line which sets the pocket and sets the run blocking schemes.  Our S play is weak and so long Randall.  Wilks should have some input on D personnel as he was pretty solid and did coach up the players.  So long Freddie as we need an EXPERIENCED head coach to get the best out of young players.

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