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I think, as Lions' fans, we need to take a step back and gain some perspective.  Because, in my opinion, we have an opportunity to witness the start of something that could be pretty special.

No, beating the Cardinals isn't a groundbreaking achievement.  No, I'm not ready to put a jacket on Stafford or crown this team contenders.  I'm not even sure if we'll win a playoff game.  But here's what I know: we're witnessing a great player, just entering his prime, with a very good supporting cast, and with a GM and coach that actually seem to know what it'll take for this team to be successful.  We may just be entering an era.

It's not just results, or statistics, or highlights... it's a combination of effectiveness and extraordinariness.  We're watching a quarterback with arm strength and accuracy only matched by his passion to succeed.  Playmakers with strengths that compliment his skillset.  Pass-blockers who take pride in protecting.  And, finally, we may just have a defense.

The team is still flawed.  Without a running game, we'll struggle to close games out against good teams.  Without a pass-rush, the elite offenses will score plenty of points.  We're not built for cold-weather games and lack the expertise to act like we've been there (... because we haven't).  But it doesn't mean that we won't be in the conversation, because - with his unwillingness to go down quietly - Stafford will refuse to let this team be ignored.

It may not be right now, or even next year, but unfamiliar success may be closer than we think.  Let's sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Well said buddy.

What struck me in this game was, as the game wore on and was being decided, we were unequivocally the better team. I can't remember the last time I thought that of us, against what should be, another good team.

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