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Lions VS Bears Takeaways

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This was a tough game to watch.  I think Matt Patricia has to be willing to make a hard decision with Paul Pasquloni.  He just isn't cutting as a defensive play caller.  That said:


1.      Jeff Driskell has good foot speed and arm strength.  He might be a solid #2QB.  You could tell he just didn’t have the reps to make this offense work well.

2.      I can’t figure out why Tyrell Crosby isn’t starting in place of Rick Wagner.

3.      Taylor Decker is committing too many penalties.  He is not the long-term answer at LT for the Lions.

4.      Speaking of OL issues, Joe Dahl wasn’t exactly stellar today either.  

5.      We got next to nothing from our TEs

6.      We got some good pass rush late in the game.  Our pass rush seems to be improving a little bit at a time. 

7.      Galloday is a good player but he really needs to be more consistent with his hands.  That late drop was a killer.

8.      Our LBs are still having problems covering RBs.  No real improvement there.

9.      Jahlani Tavai is playing well.  Bob Quin got that pick right.

10.   Darius Slay hasn’t been playing as well as expected.  His play has dropped off a bit.

11.   I have said it before:  Paul Pasqualoni is should not continue to be our Defensive Coordinator.  What is happening here is what happened when he coached for the Cowboys.

12.   If I had to pick one element that we need more of on offense and defense:  Speed!



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