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This Aint Packers Talk v69

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3 hours ago, Rainmaker90 said:

Follow me here.


 When Kaepnick peacefully knelt, people still had a problem with it. 

When the NBA players wore the “ I can’t breathe shirts” people told them to stick to sports. 

They can’t win. That’s why there’s so much anger. They try to be peaceful, and people still don’t listen. 

Kaepernick actually didn't kneel first. His first action was the week he was benched when he sat on the bench and sulked. He then turned it into a 'branding' opportunity with the knelling. Kaepernick is a fraud IMO. He cried about wanting another chance and then sabotaged his opportunity so he could cry victim again. Let's not forget he opted out of his contract to seek a bigger deal and a starting opportunity. He is the least oppressed person of color on the planet. His statements regarding the criminal activity going on (no longer a protest when you burn, loot and destroy) are despicable. They are terrorizing and burning minority businesses in the process. As predicted by me, many of these thugs are imported Antifa criminals exploiting a terrible situation to destroy cities. 

People generally don't engage in watching or attending sporting events to have social issues jammed down their throats. I'm one of those people. The bottom line is all of these athletes are free to do these things, but their 1st Amendment Right doesn't protect them from consequences. IE: being fired as a result of it. Case and point, the white, liberal chick who called the police on a black man who was bird watching in Central Park. He kindly asked her to put her dog on a leash. She was in an area that required it, and she called the police, made false accusations. Fortunately the truth came out and she was fired from her job. Hopefully, there will be charges against her for filing a false police report. 

Try and tell that to Dr. Martin Luther King and his living relatives. He changed the world through peaceful protests. Progress has been made, but not enough and not soon enough. I'm not going to delve into what I think the reasons are for it being slower than it should be, but the destruction of the black community was no accident. It's beyond shameful and was deliberately disguised as 'help!'

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Going to make a comment that has *zero* intent to be incendiary.....just looking for some insight that's failing me at the moment....

Just watched a video of Minneapolis PD slashing the tires of cars in a parking garage and elsewhere....and wondering what the thinking is behind the move. Is this some sort of military tactic being employed?

It's an honest question and would appreciate honest responses devoid of political bias.

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