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Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Denver
    • LA Chargers

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Just now, TheVillain112 said:

btw, that taunting penalty is reason #<insert number here> why NFL viewership is down.  Bad announcers and terrible refs is killing the enjoyment...


Yeah, it's  totally okay to just throw the ball right at the defenders...

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Some takeaways... 

KA13 seems scared to cut. His route running looks sluggish.

Gates may be slower then Witten at this point.

Whisenhunt thinks this is the 90's running out of the shotgun as often as he does.

Gus Bradley is about as aggressive as Greg Manusky.

Offensive line is even worse then expected.


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As a non-American, its somewhat amusing where the line is when it comes to sportsmanship.

Trash talking - fine
Ridiculous dance after sacking a QB a yard or two away from where he's laying on the ground - fine
Throw a ball on the ground in the general direction of the guy you just beat to the ball - unsportsmanlike and a 15yd penalty


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