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Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver


Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Denver
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Just now, Xenos said:

2009 was the last time I can remember. But yeah, we have had some memorable losses. All close games if memory serves me right.

It is amazing.

2010-The Chiefs ST and a monsoon.

2012-We did beat Oakland in week 1

2013-We blew a 21 point lead

2014-Lost by one point

2017-Blocked FG

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7 minutes ago, Xenos said:

To be fair, one of the turnovers covered for the one that Casey should have gotten in the first quarter. 

And the other covered for the backwards pass that Siemian made in the first half that rightfully should have been ruled a fumble when the pass was broken up (because it was a backwards pass).

Broncos played like the better team for 3 1/4 quarters and deserved the win.  But they also got the lion's share of the favorable calls from the refs (I don't think Roby intentionally hooked Allen on the play resulting in the INT, but he stepped on his foot, stumbled, and reached out grabbing KA to steady himself and did hook him, thus altering Allen's path which by rule is DPI if the ball is in the air).


All that said, if the league is actually serious about player safety (we know they're not, but let's pretend for a second they are), the icing the kicker rule needs some serious amendment.  It needs to be made to where once the players are set (or the ball is set/touched by the LS), you can no longer call the TO.  You want to use the time out to make the kicker think about the kick and try and put pressure on him that way?  Cool.  But the way it's used now, it basically forces the kicker to kick the FG twice for it to count once and it forces players to go through a full contact rep that has absolutely no consequence on the game but can still result in player injury.  That's a pretty crap thing, particularly to ST guys who are generally the ones making the league minimum and biting and scratching for jobs.

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