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Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver


Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

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10 hours ago, Chiefer said:

I just think it's funny to hear complaining about refs. Broncos seem to always get away with a lot over the years.

Right, the Broncos are the only team in the NFL that 'gets away' with a roughing call 3 years ago that apparently is still on the top of some fans minds for whatever reason. You would puke on yourself if your team ever played the Steelers or Bengals if you think the Broncos of all teams get away with a lot.

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31 minutes ago, paul-mac said:


The refs aren't "against" anybody. Sure, they may make a mistake or two during the game but there is no fundamental bias towards either team. 

I dont believe the refs were against anybody. I do however believe the Chargers got 3 'extremely favorable' calls between both PI calls on Roby downfield where Allen and Williams both flopped and tripped over themselves but since a DB was next to them it was called a PI resulting in about 60 passing yards and 2 first downs along with the highly questionable interception on that screen pass.

There was also this play that was called roughing but since Siemian completed the 1st down it was essentially nothing but the QB getting speared in the face. I mean I cant even think of another meaning of leading with the crown helment to helmet as if you were trying to knock somebody out than this. If the refs were really trying to protect the QBs, Ingram would have been ejected. 

I mean, loook at that....wth



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On 9/14/2017 at 2:49 PM, AkronsWitness said:

The CB literally tackles Fowler to the ground when the ball was still 5 yards away from even hitting his hands and he was a yard in front of the LOS. If you dont think at bare minimum 5 yard holding and a automatic 1st down I dont know what to tell ya. If Keenan Allen is getting 40 yards worth of PI calls in the 1st qtr for tripping over himself downfield on a overthown ball to make it look like Roby touched him, Fowler gets that call too. 

Except no, he didn't.  Tackling would involve wrapping and dragging him to the ground.  The CB is clearly going for the ball because he gets a damn piece of the ball - it didn't just get knocked down to be deflected by up again by another defenders toe by a stiff gust of wind.

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Broncos & vaseline was 20 years ago.  No need for that.   Just like there's no need to call out fanbases.  Nothing good ever comes of it.

Re: the INT, Fowler had his arms out, engaging the DB, so DB's entitled to engage as well.   And again, DPI is not in play with a throw behind the LOS.   That's why you never see the call in that setting.  It's very rare to see holding called behind the LOS when it's WR-CB (RB-LB a lot more common IMO, when the RB has the LB flat footed).  

And it's one call.  I mean, geez.   Rule of thumb - when you get fans on both sides complaining about the refs, likely they didn't have it in for either side. 

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