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Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos


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On 5/26/2021 at 10:09 AM, Chrissooner49er said:

Definitely. Those 2 were who I thought may be expendable when Sermon and Mitchell were drafted...don't know now. 

I don't recall Wilson missing many games in the past....sure hope he is able to come back strong. 

He was always a fringe roster player (psquad for the most part) until last year, and he got injured and missed 4 games... it's hard to say whether he's injury-prone or not. But he hasn't been an infatigable workhorse either. But in contemporary NFL, we shouldn't count on or desire a RB who'll get the majority of carries for 17 straight games. We're perfecting RB by committee. I like the diversity in skillset that we have. We don't need Wilson until he returns necessarily. But by then, chances are one of the healthy RBs won't be healthy anymore. 

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Our roster is pretty deep or has young potential almost everywhere, but we're not really deep at TE, WR, or LB. Notably, those are the only positions we signed UDFA's at too (1 TE, 1 WR, 2 LB's for a total of 4 UDFA's) so those guys will have a chance to impress and make the roster. Although I imagine we'll be scouring the waiver wire to improve our depth there as well.


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ESPN went through an interesting exercise. Several of the site's team writers, including San Francisco 49ers beat reporter Nick Wagoner, played the roles of general managers for their respective teams and proposed offers for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. In this scenario, the 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, and Tennessee Titans all made offers.

Then Falcons reporter Michael Rothstein selected the most enticing offer to accept. The one he ultimately chose was Wagoner's from the Niners.

So what was the 49ers' offer in this exercise? Wagoner offered up a 2022 second-rounder and a 2023 fourth-rounder for the future Hall of Fame wide receiver. The move would leave San Francisco without a selection in the first two rounds next year but would bring in a high-caliber offensive weapon for Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance.

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1 hour ago, 49erurtaza said:

Why do they keep saying 17 million. That's before our rookie class being included. We have roughly around 11 million with them signed.

Honestly, it doesn't matter . We can fit him with very minor manipulation (or at least less than most teams need). Assuming that Julio isn't requiring a new contract to be moved (don't think he is), most teams can. His salary is guaranteed this year, so any team that wants to acquire him can convert it to a signing bonus anyway. Julio's contract this year really isn't a problem for most teams if they really want to work around it. We could easily convert 12 million to signing bonus over the next three years; he would count 7.3 this year, 15.5 million the next two (which is still far below top of the market). We just may require less tweaking on other players if that comes into play 

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