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Week 11 GDT - Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers


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24 minutes ago, oldman9er said:

... and I don't mean to "hate on" Deebo. He's had some real good plays mixed with less bad ones. He's just a wait-n-see developing guy that I don't trust at all yet. I don't think he'll turn out to be a suck-pick, but I'm not sure he's going to be a strong #2 yet. 

He's got to start catching passes. I mean, that's basically the bottom line for me. If he can consistently catch the passes that he should, I think he'll be a quality receiver, certainly capable of being a number 2 just based on what he can do after the catch. But man, you can simply not be dropping passing that hit you square in the chest or square in the hands. 

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I think Deebo will end up being very good. I don’t think you can teach the aggression and overall run after the catch abilities he has. But I think he’s going to take a couple years. He plays a little outside of himself at this point. He needs to slow the game down a bit. Lots of abstract cliche phrases there, but he really just is a spaz and needs to chill and I think he’s not going to completely figure out how to do that until towards the end of next year. 

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6 hours ago, PapaShogun said:

Regardless of your squad lineup the odds of reaching the Super Bowl are just much better when it's 2 games to 3, and not having to go on the road. I'd rather guys get back ASAP. If they can't go later on so be it. Also, if the 49ers lose in two days they're now a 5th seed because Seattle will have tie breaker when the records match. That's how tough just the NFC West is. I hope Shanahan and his staff don't get lax on player availability. 

Odds are better, true....but its not a necessity. IF healthy, this team can go into any venue and beat any team. I'd much rather take that option than to limp into the playoffs with a first round bye and key members of your team ailing/hurt or out for the year because playing hurt turned into being injured. If we were deeper at certain positions maybe I would see it your way but the guys we have injured will certainly be needed when we face playoff caliber teams. I don't believe we need Kittle and Sanders to beat Arizona. That doesn't mean we can't lose to the Cards because we absolutely can. But I don't see the need for availability this week. After this game we will have a tough three game stretch where I believe their presence could be more of a necessity. I'd rather wait a week if we're pressing guys into action. 

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Let’s go Lions, Bucs, and Broncos this morning. 

We’re gonna need some help I think. A week ago I saw 12-4 as our floor. After the injuries from last week, I see 12-4 as the ceiling. We need that first round bye as I suspect the injury bug will be floating around all year. 

I think today with Kittle and Breida out and Sanders hobbled, this may not be one we can pull out.  Still confident that this is the best team in the NFL, but I think we’re due for a clunker. 

Hope my guts wrong!

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