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Week 1 Reactions

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Honestly pretty horrified of our offense after that first game. Palmer struggles to hit an open 10 yard out route. I hate to be the guy to overreact after one week, but that arm on Palmer's might not be there anymore. In addition with David Johnson's wrist, and DJ Humphries potentially missing time. This season could get ugly fast, I almost wonder if he keeps short arming it if we would look at starting Gabbert 


On the bright side the defense looked pretty great in my opinion. Bethel of course had some struggles, but that was expected. Getting back Nkemdiche and Bucannon could make this defense even better too is the scary part. 

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Rewatched the 1st half:

Haason Reddick played really well. Had two good blitzes, one from the inside and one from the outside that got good pressure. Had two good coverage plays on RBs. Had a couple good plays in the run game. Did mess up once on the Lions FG drive at the end of the half where he was unaware of where the WR was and ran in Tyrann to let the Lions convert on 3rd down. 

Golden, Peters, and Chandler got decent pressure. Rucker and Peters played really well against the run. 

I like the safeties. Branch and Bethea fly around.

The biggest problem defensively was Stafford maneuvering the pocket and scrambling, we couldn't finish the good pressure we got and he made a couple of plays from it.

We had pretty good protection minus Iupati a couple of plays. Niklas, Gresham and Iupati missed blocks in hte run game that didn't allow it to get going.

Carson was unbelievably bad. Probably should try and throw to JB12 sometime before the last drive of the half.

And of course we miss a chip shot FG and they nail a bomb to end the half. Pretty much how both of their seasons went last year.


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2nd half:

Wetzel is not good, hopeefully DJ gets back soon
Mathieu & Bethel were not good in coverage, I thought Bethel played well in the 1st half tho
I like Ellington, he played well as a receiver out of the backfield
We took out Golden too much and went big and the pass rush kind of disappeared 
Still like Branch and Bethea
Boehm missed on two blitz/stunts
We should throw the ball to JB12 once in a while 


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