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Allen Robinson’s next contract

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7 hours ago, iPwn said:

Yes to all of this. I think in a “normal” situation, Lee is a guy who can be an 800 yard third option for a team pretty consistently. Hurnsy is a guy I see as a 1,000 yard receiver consistently. And then ARob is the guy who can be a 1,200 yard guy consistently. (This all assuming all at 100% healthy, obviously. And then also not being the guy who catches passes just because someone has to). The guy who is supposed to do what Lee can do is on the roster in Dede, even if I’d prefer not to root for a team with him as a focal point. But there really isn’t one who can do what ARob’s role is. Hurns has some overlap, but it’s not quite the same.


I tend to look at it more as a factor of "targets" rather than yards gained, because that's influenced by a lot of unpredictable and variable factors.  The biggest thing is moving the chains consistently imo.  And in that sense...

Robinson is the ~150+ targets guy you feed.

Lee and Hurns are the maybe ~70-100 target guys depending on what else is going on in your offense and other receivers.  They're more your "take a shot" guys.  And they've not going to convert as many of them either, or at least not without the advantage of drawing secondary assignments and easier/more designed balls.  A guy like ARob is the one you pay because he can go out there and make those important contested catches even with coverage slanted his way.


The explosive play is still important, and i think that's the part of ARob's repertoire that's a bit lacking.  He's not exactly a true franchise #1WR type in that sense.  But i've seen enough to know that as long as he comes back healthy from his knee injury, he's the type of #1WR you can build a solid chain-moving offense around.  That's what you'd be paying for.

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