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Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

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1 hour ago, NYJets4716 said:

Like I said when Avery went down, ILB is a easy position to fill. Jame Burgess has been making some plays, I liked what I saw from him in preseason idk why he wasn't on a roster. In his NFL career when given a chance he has been good at making tackles for loss. Hewitt has been good when he plays. 

Avery will probably be gone due to having too much money stuck at ILB and he can be cut with no dead money. 

We need the money to re-sign Jordan Jenkins and to address the other EDGE spot. 

We have plenty of cap and Avery is not expensive and still relatively young. I still don’t get the logic in cutting him. We are going to save a ton of money with Osemele, Winters, and Kalil home, and if we can move other over payed players. Avery signed a cap friendly deal, smart and great for the locker room. Unless Douglas is air tight with the cap which I highly doubt. After  losing both Avery AND Mosley this year, id would be terrific to have both incase one does miss time again next year. I just can’t get behind cutting him doesn’t make any sense. 

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6 hours ago, Rockice_8 said:

We are 1 in ypa at 3.0.  LAR is at 2 with 3.3

Our run defense is elite.  A healthy ILB core and adding 1 cb and 1 pass rusher and we are looking great for next year.


This just reminds me of why the Josh Allen choice shouldve been a no brainer and wack mac got it wrong lol. 

Our corners didnt look bad yesterday but well see what they're really capable of vs Oakland. 

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