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Thoughts Going Forward

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1 minute ago, WindyCity said:

They are not low blows on a franchise that is bad.

Ya but he goes out of his way to dis them all the time. Like I said they were moving the ball well on that Rams D early last night and it came down to missed field goals and mistakes being the difference. Clay should not be talking. 

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2 hours ago, beardown3231 said:

In Biggs' article today, he said that Clay Matthews said postgame that they had trouble getting into a rhythm because "it was so easy to get off the field."

What did he mean by that exactly? The number of three and outs our offense ended up in?

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1 hour ago, WindyCity said:

-The season is over. It was a pathetic excuse for a season and the Bears 100 went off how it should. Great defense, pathetic offense and a losing record, nothing is more Bears. George McCaskey should be proud.

-If you are still defending Ryan Pace you pretty much have to be related to him. His hand picked QB sucks, his hand picked coach sucks, he cannot find a kicker or a TE, and many of his recent picks are struggling. This is unwatchable garbage and it all goes back to him.

-Matt Nagy looks like a fraud. Swaggy Nagy is dead. His team is unprepared, undisciplined, we have seen regression at most positions, and on top of it all his play calling is ***.

-Mitch sucks. Even when he has some flashes and drives he goes right back to the back foot throws and throwing non-competitive passes on 3rd down. Nagy gave up on him last night. It is over.

-Taylor Gabriel can be benched now. He is having a miserable season and is dropping a ton of passes. Add that to the fact that he is 4' tall and I am not sure why we continue to force this to work. Him stopping on the deep route is just ridiculous, that is why you are on the field.

-Anthony Miller can hit the bench as well. He is a mental case and a moron and I would rather see what a normal and stable human in Riley Ridley can do in the slot.

-Play Javon Wims more.

-Trey Burton cashed in and checked out. Horrendous signing for Pace guaranteeing the 3rd year of the deal for a guy who has "mysterious injuries", which is code for I don't want to play, but I want the money.

-The Bears need at TE is so desperate it is pathetic. The Bears have spent a 2nd round pick and 32 million in guaranteed money to have nothing at TE under Ryan Pace.

-Bobbie Massie got paid and is having a terrible season. Dude is on the ground more than an 18 month old baby.

-Calling Charles Leno overpaid is about as nice as I can be.

-The entire OL as a unit is a disappointment and part of that has to come back to the legendary Harry Heistand, who should also be fired. The softness of his line, the weak and lazy run blocking technique. The inability to pick up a stunt or a blitz, the disastrous Whitehair and Daniels switch. This unit has been mismanaged over and over again.

-Tarik Cohen continues to look a little better every week.

-David Montgomery should buy the OL plane tickets this offseason. 1 way anywhere but Chicago.

-This unit is just cover in poor execution and effort. WRs and QBs not being on the same page, guys quitting on routes, soft play on the OL. Poorly coached is to kind for this unit.

Windy, you had my tummy hurting I laughed so hard. This is so pathetically, hilariously true of the O, top to bottom.

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This is why I made the Evaluation of Offensive Talent thread earlier. I knew our offense sucked, so I wanted to break down the talent level so that we can decide what to do going forward into the offseason. I wanted to rank each unit of the offense (QB,WR,TE,O-Line, and RB/FB) relative to league to show that we are severely lacking in offensive talent at nearly every level. We have 0 pro bowl caliber players on our offense. Even though we are solid at WR and RB, the problem is that we are still lacking star power. Is there anybody worth double teaming? When you look at the kind of weapons some teams have around the league like the Chiefs, Saints, Rams, and even Vikings how do we match up with that. Not only are our weapons worst but combine that with horrendous O-Line play, poor QB play, and bad play-calling, we come up with this disaster of an offense.

Instead of just complaining about what's wrong with the team, We should figure out the most constructive ways of improving the team going forward. With our limited cap, Pace is going to need to hit on these second round picks. Even though drafting for need is the obvious route, I don't think that's the best way to build a team. I think that the first 3 round picks of a team should be on BPA (unless you are drafting a QB) and the rest of the rounds and free agency should be addressing the team's weakness. This way you are able to build a core of cornerstone players that are on friendly rookie contracts.


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