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New Forum Help & Transition Thread

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Drop your questions here for the mods to address. I recommend going through all the settings and making changes to your e-mail, password, and in general getting acclimated to the new changes first.

Things to watch for:

  • You can now directly upload an avatar of your choice in your profile settings without having to have someone host/resize for you.
  • You will have to enter your profile settings, and go to "Signature" to view other peoples' signatures. This feature is OFF by default.
  • Changing your e-mail and password is a pretty simple procedure now with the automated e-mails. It was instant for me.
  • If you type the @ symbol before a username, it works as a "mention" tool and they will get a notification, much like twitter. Like so @drd23.
  • There are tons of new features, don't be shy to play around with them. Check out below for a detailed explanation of how to do use some of these great new features
  • The "enter" or "return" key automatically starts a new paragraph (i.e. double spaced).  If you want to start a new line immediately below the one you are typing on, press shift+enter/return
  • Check out this thread to learn how to follow specific threads or forums and then view them all on a one page activity stream
  • If you have any questions, feel free to hit up either of the mods in the Ravens sub-forum - either myself (@drd23) or @coordinator0
  • If you think a topic of discussion merits more than 3 or 4 responses, feel free to start a new topic specifically for it.
  • All rules from the old forum are still in effect. Check them out here if you need a refresher or are new to FF (in which case, welcome!)

(h/t to @The LBC and the Chargers forum where I stole much of this from :D)


On 7/15/2017 at 6:20 AM, y2lamanaki said:

Here is a quick overview of some cool new features of the new forum. For now, these features are only tested on the desktop site and not the accompanying mobile version. As I find more tricks, I'll add them here! 

Quick "BBCode": 

First off, gone are the days of the tedious BBCcode tags (brackets surrounding letters - but those still work as well). Now you can quickly type in code to bold, underline, italicize all without it. CTRL + B for bold, CTRL + U for underline. CTRL + I for italics. Simply tap it again to turn it off. If someone figures out a shortcut for strikethrough let me know!


Quick Quote: 

Now you can quickly quote another post. Simply highlight the part of the post you want to quote and then wait for the dialog box to appear and click on "quote this." Example: 




You can now also quote multiple individuals or posts consecutively with ease. After the body of each post, simply click on the little plus sign icon before the word quote and then select the "Quote (#) posts" button down bottom. Once you have selected the post to quote, it will show a plus sign icon. Example: 



Twitter Embed: 

Now you can quickly embed a tweet rather than copy/paste/quoting it. First thing is to go find the tweet you want on Twitter. Then click the little down arrow to the right of the tweet and select "Copy link to Tweet." 



From there, it's as easy as copying and pasting the link. The forum does the rest of the work:


Easy image/video posting:

This one's as easy as it gets. Simply copy the URL of the image or video, paste, and the forum does the work! Example of embedded video:

Post Preview: 

From the forum topic page, you can now hover over a link and get a quick preview on the post. 



Signature Help:

Having trouble figuring out how to access your signature, or viewing signatures in general? Make sure to check your account settings. Start by clicking on the dropdown menu next to your username at the top of the page and clicking on 'Account Settings.' 


From there, click on the signature tab and make sure you have checked 'View Signatures':




Notifications and Private Messages

At the top right of the forum, you'll see two icons.  The bell represents your notifications.  When someone quotes you, you'll receive a notification that you were quoted and by clicking on that notification it will take you to the post.  Likewise, when someone uses the mention feature (more on that in a second), it'll alert you that someone has used your username.  Similarly, it will notify when you've received a private message, someone has posted in a thread that you follow, etc.

The second icon is the Private Message (PM) icon.  If you click on that icon, you can check your inbox and see all of your messages.  It's set up for you to have 50 active conversations, and if you want to have more you'll need to delete older messages.


Ignore Feature

Ever have issues with posters you view as trolls or simply do not want to read what they post?  Simply set your account to ignore them, and never see their posts again.  At the top right of the forum, you'll see your username.  Click on that and select "Ignored Users".  Simply type in the username of the poster you want to ignore, choose which types of posts (i.e. post, messages, signature, and mentions) you want to be ignored and select "Add User". 

After you have ignored them, threads will show that they have made a post but it was hidden from you based on your settings.



Profile Features

From any page, you can access your profile by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click Profile from the drop down menu.

Changing your AvatarKzajJAe.png
On the left of your screen, click the button with a photo on it. 

After clicking this, you may upload a photo, link to a photo or choose to not have an avatar.

After choosing a photo, you will be brought to a screen to position your photo. From here, you may crop, resize or reposition your photo.

Changing your Cover Photo

On the right side of your profile is a Cover Photo button. You may choose to upload a photo, remove or reposition a photo you already have.

Adding information to your profile
Clicking the Edit Profile button brings up an overlay that allows you to add information to your profile.

 Remember to click save when you are finished.


That's a quick overview for now. If you come across something you think should be here, let me know and I'll add it in!


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1 hour ago, y2lamanaki said:

Thanks for this...and then stabbing me in the heart by swapping the video :(

I couldn't have all that 9ers stuff in the Ravens forum, could I? :P


(the link between fact that the 9ers are the losing team and where the post originates only just occurred to me xD)

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2 minutes ago, drd23 said:

(the link between fact that the 9ers are the losing team and where the post originates only just occurred to me xD)


Haha, it's all good. But I saw it, and my first thought was - "...wait...was that what I posted????" And then I cried a little.

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53 minutes ago, Danand said:

Do you guys experience long loading times?

Not particularly.  Occasionally it'll look like a page is loading, but when I actually enter into the tab, it looks like everything has loaded

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33 minutes ago, berlin calling said:

is there a possibility to add a quote to a thread from a different topic/thread?

like, quote somebody from the 2018 Draft Thread and add the quote to The Offseason Target (or else)

Pretty sure that you can just copy/paste the quote box from one thread to another

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Pretty sure you need to upload it somewhere else (like ImgBB or Imgur) and then copy the link in here.  I don't think this particular version of forum software allows hosting of images 

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