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Survival School Mafia - Forge and MWil survive!

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  1. @MWil23 WINNER
  2. @Forge WINNER


  1. @SwAg lynched Day 1
  2. @TheKillerNacho killed Night 1 
  3. @Hockey5djh lynched by Counselor Day 2
  4. @The Orca killed Night 2
  5. @theuntouchable killed Night 2
  6. @squire12 lynched Day 3
  7. @bcb1213 killed Night 3
  8. @Counselor killed Night 3
  9. @Pickle Rick lynched Day 4
  10. @rackcs killed Night 4
  11. @kingseanjohn lynched Day 5



The air brakes let out a sigh of relief as the bus came to a stop.

“ALLL ABOOOOOAAAARD!” Dome yelled at the group eagerly waiting on the side of the road. “The last stop of our trip will be Dome’s Survival School at the lake! But first, the liquor store!”

The soon-to-be campers quickly began to board the bus and Dome kept rambling. Several of them found the mini bottles of booze stashed under each of their seats.

“Dome’s Survival School promises to get you up to snuff on survival skills faster than any other school in the nation! In one short week you’ll come out a survival expert or you’ll die trying. We guarantee it! Now take your seats, I’m almost out of vodka so I’m gonna have to drive fast. Hold on folks, away we go!’


The bus pulled up in front of the liquor store and Dome practically sprinted to the entrance. Across the street stood a behemoth of a building, the sign read "Sportsman's Warehouse  National Superstore"

"Biggest sporting good store in the country! Why don't you boys go get whatever you think we might need for the weekend? I'll get what I need here and meet you at the bus later!"  Dome yelled to the group before he crashed head first into the liquor store's automatic door seconds before it opened.

The group ran inside and started ransacking the place. They bought all kinds of supplies for a weekend in the woods! Tons of tarps, handfuls of hatchets! Knives and cordage on one aisle, then further down for a fire starting kit and a water purifier! Emergency candles and unlubricated condoms for the romantics! A slingshot and crossbow for the archers! The carts filled up quickly and the group headed for the registers.

Dome stood in line at the liquor store, he looked across the street and saw all The Campers coming out of The Sportsman's Warehouse. He pulled out his phone and shot off a few text messages as the cashier rang up 217 mini bottles. 

Dome typed away, swaying back and forth:

<big group this time. should b a good one>

<we r leavning now, im drunk lol>

<get evething ready. see u in an hour>

<tell guards to leave, come back at dark>

He paid in cash and made his way back to the bus. Everyone cheered when they saw his score.

"Half of these is for sharing boys! Help yourselves, we've got a bit of a drive to the lake still!" Dome smiled devilishly and returned to the drivers seat with the belly-fire rekindled. He waited for the group to board and got back on the open road.


An hour later the bus made the final turn into the camping area. Two empty guard booths sat near the entrance, Dome caught some of the campers giving each other some concerned looks.

"Don't ya'll worry about that! We do military training up here, and they like the extra security." Dome brought the bus to a stop in front of a large cabin. "And this here is where you check in! Get yourself settled for a bit, then tonight we'll tell scary stories down by the fire!"

The sun began to set and The Campers settled in and made their way down lakeside by the fire. The flames crackled as folks began taking seats in a circle. There was drinking and there was marshmallow roasting, some of them shared scary stories while others tried to pretend they weren't scared at all. The fire raged on and the stories got more and more scary until- 


A distinct snapping sound was heard in the treeline, just 30 or so feet from the fire. It sounded like someone had stepped on a treebranch.

"Well, that's probably nothing... The guards would've scared away any- " Dome remembered to keep his story straight, "I mean... the empty guard both would probably keep any dangerous animals out.I'm sure it not-"


The sound was louder this time. The group got up off their seats and backed up towards the lake, some of them extended their roasting sticks towards the woods in case anything came barrelling out.

"Really fellas, it's nothing. We've got good security up here." Dome came off as much more confident than he was. "Look, I'll go check it out. It'll be fine."

Dome walked towards the edge of the treeline. A very brief shriek was silenced by the rustling of leaves. 

"Arrrgg-" *rustle rustle rustle*

"Uhhhh. Dome?" asked one of the Campers, they all started walking towards the noise.

"Mr Survival guy?" asked another.

"Hey you drunk, what are you doing?" one more followed up.

The group got closer and they found dome face down, on the ground. They rushed to his aid but it was too late. Dome had bled out from a giant wound on his head.

Dome was dead.

On 11/22/2019 at 8:07 PM, Dome said:

The group surrounded @SwAg!


They beat him unconscious and drowned him in the lake. 

Among his things they found a skinning knife and a pair of long range hunting binoculars.

SwAg was Camper Aligned.

On 11/22/2019 at 8:45 PM, Dome said:

The group sat around and discussed where it all went wrong when suddenly, a *rustling in the bushes*. It started getting louder!

"Unnngggggg" @TheKillerNacho stumbled out of of the brush. A long wooden handle stood upright, straight up from his head. It appeared to be attached to the head of an axe that had found its way lodged into his skull. Huh.

He staggered forward until he was in the middle of the group. He dropped to his knees

"Counselor." Nacho whispered. "Counselor. Come"

Counselor took a step forward and knelt down by Nacho.

"Take this, my child." Nacho spoke his last words and reached into his jacket pocket. 

He handed Counselor a loaded revolver before dying. 

Nacho has died. He was Camper Aligned.


Since @Counselor is the only one with a gun, it's only fair that he gets to decide on who dies now.

Everyone else is voteblocked today.

On 11/23/2019 at 7:58 AM, Dome said:

"HOCKEY! GET OUT HERE!" Counselor pounded on the cabin door.

"NO! I'M SAFE IN HERE!" Hockey shouted back. "And you were too!"

Counselor raised the pistol and fired through the door until he ran out of bullets.

Hockey screamed and reached for the hole in his chest, but died before he hit the ground.

@Hockey5djh was Camper Aligned. 

On 11/23/2019 at 3:52 PM, Dome said:

Night PMs going out shortly after this writeup.

Folks sat around the fire roasting marshmallow and discussing how they were going to get out of this pickle.

"Uh, what's that?" someone pointed to a rather large figure on the ground just outside the reach of the fire's light.

"BROTHER!!!!!" A man cried out and dove onto the ground next to his brother. He cradled his body and cried, but it was far too late. "He protected this Campground with his life! GOD DAMN WHOEVER DID THIS!"

@The Orca was dead from an axe wound to the head. He was Camper Aligned.

"I'm sorry for your loss." One of the Campers said. "But I was talking about that." He pointed to another figure a little deeper into the brush. 

@theuntouchable was found dead. A large stick protruded from his eye, it looked like it had poked all the way into his brain. He was Camper Aligned.


It is now Day 3.

Night 3 begins at 10pm EST on Sunday.

On 11/24/2019 at 7:15 PM, Dome said:

The group surrounded @squire12

"Alright kids, stop right there." Squire pulled out his badge. It was real. "I'm actually the cop. You guys didn't know swag was just ******* around? C'mon fellas."

The group kept moving in. Squire pulled out his nightstick.

"Seriously! Stop!" Squire started swinging wildly, but he was no match. 

The group beat him unconscious and drowned him in the lake.

Squire is dead. He was Camper Aligned.

On 11/24/2019 at 7:43 PM, Dome said:

The group filled the Cop's ribs with stones, that's probably one they should make sure doesn't get discovered. The began walking to camp but something was laying in the trail.

"Oh what the ****."

@bcb1213 was found with a stick poking from his eye. Looks like it went all the way to his brain. He had some gauze on his forehead, but it probably wasn't enough.  Bcb was Camper Aligned.

@Counselor's sleeping bag was covered in blood. Really dark red blood. Way more than what a fatal wound would produce. Counselor was definitely dead, wherever he was.

11 hours ago, Dome said:

The four of them grabbed @Pickle Rick and drug him into the shallow grave where @The Orca laid.

"Brother," Pickle took a deep breath and removed his Private Security ballcap, "I'll be with you on the other side, real soon."

The group beat him with branches and rocks until he was unrecognizable. 

Pickle is dead. He was Camper Aligned.

Submit moves by 10:40 EST

10 hours ago, Dome said:

It seemed like an uneventful night until the group of three found @rackcs (mostly) empty sleeping bag the next morning. It had been soaked in loads of blood, just like counselor's had been found.

But there was something in this bottom of this bag, something heavy. The group shook the sleeping bag until the object fell out.

They found Rackcs head, with a stick poking into it's eye. Looked like it went all the way to his brain. Rackcs is dead.

It is now Day 5.

10 hours ago, Dome said:

@MWil23 and @Forge were thirsty for blood! Why shouldn't they just win now?


They beat @kingseanjohn to death and tossed his body into the lake.


Kingseanjohn is dead. He was Camper Aligned.


Forge and MWil stared at each other for several minutes. Forge had a sharpened stick pointed directly at MWil's eye. MWil swung a small noose around, threatening to catch Forge's neck at any moment. Each of them was sure the other was about to attack. But nothing happened.

"Are we.... are we good?" 

"I think so."

The looked around at all the bodies.

"We should leave."


They hopped into Domes bus and drove away, never speaking a word of this again.








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Rules (Definitely read these):
Any violations of these rules may result in your elimination or replacement.

  1. Do not discuss the game outside of this thread unless given permission by me to do so in your Role PM. 
    1. When you are eliminated and there is no chance for revival, you may be given a link to the dead-chat.
    2. If you have been in the dead-chat and come back to the thread and post/like a post/quote someone/interact in thread in any way, there will be grave consequences for your team.
  2. Do not copy and paste anything that I send you. Do not post a screenshot of anything that I send you. 
    1. You are allowed to talk about specific words or phrases in your role PM, as well as type out word for word anything that I send you.
  3. Do not skip a nightly move if you have one. Missing a nightly move will result in your move being randomized and you will be replaced.
    1. You can send in moves early and change them as often as you want up to the night move deadline. You can also leave a contingency move if you won't be around at night time when the nightly lynch is determined.
    2. Strategically skipping your move is acceptable. You must inform the host if you want to do this.
  4. Stay active and vote every day. (This rule is obviously subjective, you will be at the mercy of the host if/when this rule is enforced.)
    1. If you're active and driving conversation, you don't have to vote. This rule is to make sure people are participating daily.
  5. Do not edit posts that will change a vote count. Do not edit posts that you submitted more than 5 minutes ago.
    1. Edits should only be made to fix spelling or grammatical errors
  6. If you are eliminated from the game you may make one final “Good Game” post.
    1. Please do not include ANY game related information in your farewell post.
    2. If your role wasn't revealed, you may not make a "Good Game" post. I will do my best to inform players when this happens.

Other Stuff (Read these or don’t, but at least pretend you did):

  1. Voting deadlines will be announced at the start of each day phase.
    1. Timestamps will be used to determine deadlines, not a post by the host.
    2. Reaching a 2/3rds voting majority (At least 2/3rds of the games total living players must be voting together) will end the day phase, even if the voting deadline hasn't been reached.
  2. If the day phase ends in a voting tie we will have a 15 minute overtime.  (10pm Night deadline = 10:15pm OT Deadline)
    1. You may continue to vote for any player during OT, not just the players tied for the lead.
    2. ALL Night Moves will be do promptly at the conclusion 15 minute overtime
    3. If there is a second tie after the 15 minute overtime there will be no lynch and the night phase will begin
  3. Night moves will usually be due within 10-20 minutes of the lynch writeup. 
    1. If a day phase ends early due to the 2/3 Majority rule, this deadline may be extended.
  4. Flavor is just that, flavor. Intended to inform you of a move or action that occured but not necessarily describe it literally. If anybody wants any clarification on what is flavor and what is actual information, they'll need to ask me.
Edited by Dome

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I envisioned a much darker game with the title.

Like surviving a school shooting type of game.

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9 hours ago, kingseanjohn said:

Finally my military survival school training may come in handy!



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9 hours ago, kingseanjohn said:

Finally my military survival school training may come in handy!

Finally my being a bastard will come in handy!

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if you posted in this thread, i assumed you wanted to play.

if this is not accurate, feel free to play anyways since you're already signed up.

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Pre-warning to everyone.....I'm playing this one hot and fast because I'm not playing through thanksgiving weekend.

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I'm going to definitely play and probably be active Monday and Tuesday and then ghost on Wednesday through Friday. I also may just play it as a ghost in general, or maybe just a troll. I'm going to try to switch up some meta stuff. You've all been warned in advance. 

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