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FF King of The Forum I: Final Three

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bucs @bucsfan333 gave a fantastic review 


Cast seems good. I can hear Howard's goofy voice. And everyone's seen Revenge of the Nerds. So I'd hope for something like that, but less rapey. And DeVito basically plays Frank from Always Sunny - which isn't a bad thing. Cage and Travolta could be anyone really. But I like that they're well-known actors.

I like the twist in the pilot, assuming it's presented as a show featuring Cage and Travolta, with no mention of Howard and DeVito. Would make choosing Cage/Travolta even better. Story immediately sets what I assume to be the tone and premise of the show. This is either gonna piss off a lot of folks that expected Cage/Travalta on Wall Street, excite folks that wanna watch something absurd and disgusting, or both. I imagine this plays on FXX or the equivalent.

I imagine Cage/Travolta start episode two. Followed by the reality of Howard/DeVito. This might become a tiring thing. I would hope for a cameo from Jeff Goldblum or something that ends up being a sewer hobo. But this could be funny.

Episode three feels like it would be 20 minutes of Cage/Travolta doing everything and two minutes of the reality of Howard/DeVito rolling down a hill high as kites. Which would be hilarious. Especially with the (short) precedent of what's probably a 50/50 split between hallucinations and reality.

Man. Episode four feels like another one that's gonna be a majority of the hallucinations. Which would be a bummer if it continues. I think the reason I found it so funny in the previous episode is because it was unexpected. But I don't think it would work many (if any) more times. Reveal seems kinda weak compared to the previous episodes too. Hopefully there's a callback or two to this restaurant in future episodes. Might make this episode better. Or maybe foreshadowing about the waitress.


Overall, I think the premise might get old. I think you're gonna have to come up with extremely over the top things every (or every other) episode to keep the audience guessing. And if you can pull that off, this might be pretty funny. I liked the first three episodes. Episode three is absolutely hilarious to me. I'm still laughing.



Not gonna lie. 😬 Feel like I already probably won't like this one. But let's see.

Seth McFarland is a solid choice. Would immediately pique my interest to at least figure out what this is. Quick google search tells me Musgraves is an accomplished country singer. Jones is a good choice as a voice actor. Elba seems an odd choice. Green and David are both solid. I imagine a Chris from Family Guy kinda role for Green. Larry David can do anything.

Pilot. I assume everyone is an animal? Or a goat just walks into a department store and the people are fine with it? What kind of shenanigans happen? Or is this more serious? I'm overall pretty confused. Which is fine.

I'm, uh, still kinda confused with episode two. Or maybe I just don't get it. I'd expect humor from a McFarland show. But I'm not seeing it? 

Ok. Big reveal in episode three. Slow build. Which might hurt a renewal for season two. I just feel like "smug" encapsulates so much that things aren't being properly conveyed in the description. Or at least I hope. Even after the big reveal, I'm not terribly intrigued or invested.

Episode four. I like the continued theme of a funeral intro. That could become funny. Maybe. But that's it.


This show is extremely repetitive. Which would get boring quickly. Even if you Shaun of the Dead it and speed up the repetition every time it happens, that's still a lot of wasted time. I can't see how this becomes interesting.


I'm definitely picking Miserable old Losers. I at least found that one funny and interesting enough to keep watching. I feel like I'd throw up my hands with Smug Goat and wonder why I wasted so much of my life watching/trying to understand it.

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7 minutes ago, bucsfan333 said:

I've also read exactly none of this thread.

Good because my complaining probably isn’t helping my case.  Even though I’m only 13.76% serious.

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11 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

Good because my complaining probably isn’t helping my case.  Even though I’m only 13.76% serious.

You haven’t learned your lesson huh punk.



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@Ragnarok is going to serve as our tie breaker. Please determine which TV pilot season you enjoy more or just believe to be the better show

Poems of Mud


MoL: Miserable Old Losers

Director: Joe and Anthony Russo
Primary Characters:

  • Vernon Mission (portrayed by Clint Howard): Teddy’s best friend and co-worker at a call center, Mission has a habit of doing the stupidest things with his best pal. He has an interesting outlook at life and has a habit of impulsively doing things without thinking about potential consequences or others.
  • Teddy L. Olsen (portrayed by Danny Devito): Vernon’s best friend and co-worker at a call center, he appears meek and tries his best to be the voice of reason but Mission has a habit of persuading him to do stupid stuff too. Although he acts meek at times, he is every bit as compulsive as Mission and can initiate activities as well.
  • Fantasy Mission (portrayed by Nicolas Cage): When Mission and TLO get into the thick of things, the figures in the show becomes skewed and as a result, Fantasy Mission emerges. He represents Mission’s ideal self both physically and mentally, although that’s not necessarily a good thing. His looks are inspired by a few 1990s movies that he and TLO saw on TV one particularly strange night.
  • Fantasy TLO (portrayed by John Travolta): When Mission and TLO get into the thick of things, the figures in the show becomes skewed and as a result, Fantasy TLO emerges. He represents TLO’s ideal self both physically and mentally, although that’s not necessarily a good thing. His looks are inspired by a few 1990s movies that he and Mission saw on TV one particularly strange night.

Setting: Primarily modern day New York/California


  • Episode 1 - Vernon Mission (Cage) and Teddy L. Olsen (Travolta) are hotshots on Wall Street: creating deals and becoming the talk of the town. There’s another employee (Malfatron) jealous of how awesome they are and tries to sabotage their work by falsifying different transactions. To get revenge, Mission and TLO DP’s the employee’s mom and gets him fired. In the final five minutes, it is revealed that Mission and TLO are actually played by Devito and Howard and that these people were a fantasized version. It is revealed that the other employee actually made fun of a couple old farts stuck in it as a career and you see Mission and TLO drinking Lysol from a can and vigorously fornicating with a holiday ham in front of everyone. Malfatron and Forge appears as call center employees.
  • Episode 2 - Fantasy Mission and TLO have become acquainted with Steven Spielberg in Hollywood. They’re too smug to get into movies, but when Spielberg offers them a chance to go on a fossil dig with some of his colleagues from Jurassic Park, they can’t refuse. The dig is in Colorado, where they’re treated to the finest marijuana money can buy. Over the course of the dig, they discover a complete T-Rex fossil that completely redefines everything anyone thought they knew about the species. At the end, it is revealed that their adventure came following smoking Lysol laced joints. After bumping into an old man, TLO had dropped his phone in a sewer and both jumped in to hunt it down. The fossil find would reveal that Mission had TLO’s cell phone the whole time and TLO had just dropped a cool rock he found. Orca and Pickle Rick appear as paleontologists.
  • Episode 3 - Our two heroes have come into a small fortune following the passing of a family member and decide to use it to buy a Lamborghini. They drive around the streets of New York planning out their futures when they stumble upon Jets cheerleaders. They decide to hook up and head out for a wild night of partying and cocaine. It is finally revealed that they've been rolling downhill in an abandoned shopping cart after huffing Clorox and started a riot in a soup kitchen. Daboyle appears as a Lamborghini salesman and ET and Ted appears as homeless men in the Soup Kitchen.
  • Episode 4 - Fantasy Mission and TLO go to San Francisco on a business trip and get embroiled in a noir mystery. It’s filmed in black and white.  TLO’s character gets involved with an Asian lady with family members caught up in human trafficking. TLO’s character spends the whole time telling Mission it’s going to end poorly. An argument between TLO and the Asian lady ends disastrous with TLO getting shot and dies. It is revealed that they were actually at an all you can eat buffet.  They’re drinking CLR they found in the bathroom mixed with Coke. TLO had piled his plate over a foot high and an Asian employee is yelling at him not to put so much on his plate. Mission keeps saying he will never get it back to the table. TLO trips and drops the plate, falls down and starts crying. TLO proceeds to eat the food off the floor while lying on his side crying. Outpost and Swag appears as restaurant patrons.



Smug Squad


Character Descriptions:
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Smug Goat (Seth MacFarlane): Smug Goat is a smug *** goat who lives his life smugly. In the show he begins to doubt his smugness due to trials and tribulations in his life before finally recovering his smugness. 
Kacey Goat (Kacey Musgraves): Kacey Goat is a goat who obviously isn't as smug as Smug Goat, but is still plenty smug. She impresses Smug Goat with her smugness, attractiveness, and teeth.
God (James Earl Jones): He is god and he's pretty smug but gets offended by Smug Goat being smugger than he is. He has a deep voice.
Cecil the Lion (Idris Elba): Cecil is an African lion with a bad African accent who dies very early on.
Tyty Goat (Seth Green): A loser goat who has no life. His stepson ****s on him constantly and he's morbidly obese. He dies.
Dr. Frog (Larry David): A doctor who constantly is delivering news of death to Smug Goat.

Setting: Takes place in present day Arizona in a regular town.

Episode 1: The episode opens on Smug Goat being awoken from a smug dream by a deep voice. Smug is rattled. The voice reveals himself to be God and says he needs to repent for the sins of the beasts of the earth. God appreciates Smug’s smugness and says Smug's the chosen one. God instructs him to build an ark for a coming flood. Smug says he is not a Home Depot but listens since he's a God-fearing goat. He goes to the Home Depot and buys his goods, feeling smug about being the chosen one. He builds the smuggest looking ark possible, with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and lots of sinks. Smug’s friend Cecil the Lion stops by to help but has an arrow in his heart. Smug takes him to see Dr. Frog. Smug waits in the waiting room while Cecil is checked out. Smug's steamed. Frog comes out and tells Smug that Cecil has died from internal bleeding from the arrow, a concussion and a heart attack. Smug Goat is rattled.

Episode 2: The episode opens on a traditional African lion funeral for Cecil. Smug is upset but doesn’t show it, staring smugly at his reflection in the handrails of Cecil’s coffin. Afterwards, Smug goes to the gym where he meets Kacey Goat. He is impressed by her smugness, attractiveness, and great teeth. When he gets home Smug speaks to god. He tells him that only the smuggest animals can come on the ark. Since no animal is as smug as he is, he will take no animals onto the ark except for Kacey Goat. God tells him he has to take other animals onto the ark. Smug is steamed but complies. He picks the smuggest looking animals he could find. God is upset that Smug is only picking smug animals, but Smug tells him to deal with it. God is rattled. He smites Smug Goat.
Episode 3: The episode opens on Smug Goat’s traditional smug funeral. God is upset but doesn’t show it, staring smugly at his reflection in the handrails of Smug Goat’s coffin. Smug suddenly wakes up from his dream. He's rattled. Being smug almost killed him. Smug wonders if he's too smug. He goes to the gym and sees Kacey again. He tries talking to her again but she's steamed at his doubt in his smugness and leaves. Smug's rattled. He leaves the gym and runs into Tyty Goat. Tyty tells him that he's depressed, morbidly obese, and has cancer. So Smug takes him to Dr. Frog. Smug is in the waiting room when  Frog comes to tell him that Tyty doesn't have cancer. Smug Goat is heated. Dr. Frog tells him that they found a paper cut in tyty which killed him. Smug is rattled.
Episode 4: The episode opens on a traditional goat funeral with a buffet and a cash bar. Smug is upset but doesn’t show it, staring smugly at his reflection in the handrails of Tyty’s coffin. He gives a speech about the importance of smugness and how you can’t doubt your smugness. If Smug hadn’t doubted his smugness he wouldn’t have taken Tyty to the hospital and his paper cut wouldn’t have been discovered. After the funeral he goes to the gym. Kacey Goat arrives, saying she liked his speech. He asks her for a blowjob and she obliges. Afterwards, God comes to Smug and apologizes for not being smug enough. To repent, God decides to stop the flood and make everyone more smug instead. The show ends with Smug Goat reciting a smug poem to God.

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28 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

Good because my complaining probably isn’t helping my case.  Even though I’m only 13.76% serious.

Is that how much of our cap you take up?

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