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GDT Week 12: Broncos@Bills

jolly red giant

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1 hour ago, The BILLievers said:

Clearly. FYI he is top 3 QB in most accuracy stats from 10-20 yards and the intermediate accuracy was his biggest question mark going into the season. 

Josh Allen is in a no win situation 24/7 because the media ate him up pre draft. and even after improving from year 1 to year 2 that's now only because he played "bad" teams. Well a bad QB looks like a bad QB no matter what and he's still doing that against 7 NFL teams. No chance I'd rather have Drew Lock over him lmao. 

Take away just the NE game and his season stats are very good. Pats have an elite elite secondary and BB knows how to gameplan for rookies. 

I guess we'll talk after sunday but here's to an injury free game. Both teams are very similar but Bills have the superior QB and play at home so ill go 20-14 Bills. 

FWIW, we don't expect the game outcome to really determine Allen's case as a successful top 10 pick.   You guys should win handily even with just a serviceable QB.    Facing a good D, though, it will give a better indication of where things are at in his year 2 progress (NE has really been the only elite D, CLE might have counted if their CB's weren't back from a prolonged absence, and their team just so undisciplined overall....). 

There's no doubt, though, that Allen has made progress - the big thing is he's not turning the ball over.   That's an area he had problems with last year.   The accuracy issues are likely never going to go completely away, either - he still misses throws that any replacement-level QB will make, and it's maddening when it happens.  He more than counterbalances it by making throws that only 2-3 guys in the league can make, though.  His TD to John Brown last week is a good example of that.   The other part that makes him more valuable to BUF than anywhere else - his abilities are the most weather-resistent of the 2018 draft class.    And I say this is a guy who had nothing but doubts on Allen's floor because of the flaws.   Now, eventually, his running skills will decline, and usually in the first 4-5 years with the wear & tear that the NFL provides - so that's when his abilities as a pocket passer will need to be truly mature.   Until then, though, his running skills do help him a fair amount - just not so much against good D's that can control it.  Bad D's, though, he absolutely murders with his dual-threat abilities.

The competition argument is a very fair one - so in that respect, facing DEN is a good test, as our pass D likely will be the 2nd best he's faced so far (we're no longer elite, as MIN showed last week, but we're probably 2nd with CLE a close 3rd with fresh-off-return starting CB's in that game).   But even then, Allen's only in his 2nd year, and he's showing clear improvements, so it's not like the book is closed in that regard.    In the end, even if Allen's not an elite QB, but a steady, top 9-12 tier guy, for a rookie level deal, that's a complete W.    Given the state of QB these days, it's pretty easy to make an argument he belongs in the 9-12 tier, although it's been vs. a really soft schedule.  But even if he drops a little, as long as he's a top 12-ish guy going forward, still a W.    It's more of whether the big 2nd contract is worth the performance, but that's a discussion the Bills can have in Year 6, after the 5th year option is done.   For now, keep hoping for more progress, and marvel at the talent that's there, and hope the flaws keep getting corrected (or at least, reduced, because the ceiling is so high).  

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4 hours ago, lomaxgrUK said:

QB spying is definitely an option against the Bills. You don't get punished for taking a man out of coverage/pass rush as much as you should because their receiving threats aren't at the level to really punish you. However, we don't really have the athletes at LB to do it, so I will be interested to see if we perhaps bring Will Parks in as a 3rd down LB on 3rd and 5+ to help with the spying.

I just want to see more development from our young guys. I thought our interior OL had a bounce back game of sorts last week, having struggled for a few weeks. Hopefully we see more of that, as well as Noah Fant showing his improved comfort level out there.

Hollins has played almost exclusively outside recently, but I'd be intrigued to see him mirroring Allen a few times. 

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18 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

Well no surprises today.

Offense lacks talent. Defense lacks heart. Coaching staff is inept. Front office and “ownership” are clueless. 

Curious how the Fangio apologists want to spin this one. Let’s hear it, guys....?

Uh, like you said, he's lacking a lot of player talent. Not good enough "D" personnel to play against a no-huddle, practice squad QB, meh OL, limited playmakers, poor punter,.............

I could go on but it's a start.

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