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Slappy Mc

Mental Mafia - Town and Josh Win!!!

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Welcome to the Mental Institution.

It may come as a bit of surprise to some of you to be here, but trust me, you all belong.

Make yourselves comfortable while I explain how I have planned your deaths pleasant stay.



Good Morning Patients,

Today marks the 26th year of our Award Winning Mental Rehabilitation Facility. I can tell you, I have never been happier than helping you all. I know sometimes we are a little hard on your rehabilitation. Know that the staff and I really care about you. In a couple minutes, the orderly will be by with your morning medications. In the meantime, lets sing our oath to recovery.

*Music cues* We are all here together, on our path to getting better. Different backgrounds we may be, but we are united unapologetically. Respe.. (Banging rings in the background, music fades) .. The door opens and a gentleman begins conversing with the Head of the Ward.

"You know you aren't supposed to come here anymore. The therapist will be with you shortly. Please return to your cell." "

You already know I can't do that chief."

A scuffle ensues and there are sounds of agonizing pain, then silence. A sound comes over the PA.

"Uh... We are under new management now..... It's time to get crazy... Oh... HAHAHAHA. I just made a joke. HAHAHAHAHA. See you all soon."

@Slappy Mc - The Head of the Ward is dead, he was Green Aligned.

The latch on all of the doors unlocks and patients begin pouring into the halls leaving the most destruction imaginable in their wake. After the dust settles, we are only left with you 21 yoohoos.

Best of luck.

Day 1 Results:

Day 2 Results:

Day 3 Results:

Day 4 Results:

Day 5 Results:

Hosting History

There are a couple more from the old forum, but I can't find the links.

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Please Read Carefully to avoid modkill/mistakes.

Rule #1, I'm #1.                                                                   92556feae9b17944e6c8279fc2ae75b2--humor-      

You may not directly quote your PM from me pertaining your role.
Each PM is specific to each role, so no phishing at peoples PMs, please.
Daytime will last 24 hrs. Each night will be at 8pm PACIFIC standard time. (9pm EST)
Each night will last 30 minutes. You will have 30 minutes from the time I declare night to send in your moves. Any move sent after will be disregarded as a "no move" (Example for recent events. If I call night at 8PM, any move sent with a timestamp of 8:21 will be disregarded. Moves with an 8:20 timestamp are ok.
You have to bold someones name in the thread in order to vote for them.
The person with the majority of the votes at the end of "daytime" will be the days lynch.
Once "nighttime" is announced I will allow a "grace period" for people writing longer posts or simultaneous posting. (I won't penalize unless its obvious you disregard this rule)
Once you have died, you are dead. You can post one farewell post (no game related messages)
No editing of posts. This will result in an immediate mod-kill.
If there is a tie at the end of the daytime there will be a 15 minute over-time period.
All moves must be sent to me via PM. No chat room or thread moves are going to be accepted.
There is no GULP rule in this format, but if you do not vote for consecutive days, you will be mod-killed.

Order of Operations for Nighttime:

  1. Lynch
  2. Night Moves (All resolve at the same time.)
  3. Night Write-up and Results

Please feel free to ask questions before the game starts as there may be some things that need clarifying beforehand. I will be on as much as I can to clarify any questions. Once the game starts however, my responses will be very limited to not give anything away.


On 11/25/2019 at 3:59 AM, MWil23 said:

@Slappy Mc can you post in the rules what happens after OT if there’s a tie? All die? No lynch? Etc.

In the event of a tie, the players with the most votes would be lynched. So yes, a 5 person lynch could be possible in overtime. 

Most Importantly, Thank you and Have Fun. 

Edited by Slappy Mc
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  1. MWil - Dead Night 4 - Bipolar - Green Aligned
  2. Counselor - Lynched Day 4 - PTSD - Red Aligned
  3. Daboyle250 - Dead Day 1 due to editing - Psychopath - Red Aligned
  4. TheKillerNacho
  5. Matts 2.0 (replaced BCB)
  6. Pickle Rick
  7. Forge - Dead Night 1 - Psychotherapist - Blue Aligned
  8. Untouchable - Dead Night 2 - Bipolar - Green Aligned
  9. Malfatron
  10. Squire12
  11. Dome - Lynched Day 3 - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Red Aligned
  12. ET80 - Dead Day 4 due to broken rule - Binge Eating Disorder - Green Aligned
  13. Raves - Dead Day 5 - Rent-A-Cop - Green Aligned
  14. SwAg - Dead Night 3 - Bipolar - Green Aligned
  15. Gopherwrestler - Dead Day 2 - Binge Eating Disorder - Green Aligned
  16. The Orca
  17. JoshtraDaymus - Lynched Day 5 - Dissociative Identity Disorder - Red Aligned
  18. Rackcs
  19.  Matts4313 - Lynched Day 1 - Binge Eating Disorder - Green Aligned
  20.  NS922
  21. Hockey - Lynched Day 2 - Sleeper Cell - Green Aligned

perikirest, @pheltzbahr @PR

Edited by Slappy Mc

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1 hour ago, bcb1213 said:

From previous experience.  Best to start after turkey day 

It might end up starting after Turkey day anyway as to not interfere with present games and commitments that posters may have.

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Jesus, 25 slots? I'll play. Won't be active as I'll be doing some overtime and I need to have mafia stop affecting my work lol

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41 minutes ago, Forge said:

Jesus, 25 slots? I'll play. Won't be active as I'll be doing some overtime and I need to have mafia stop affecting my work lol

You'll probably find something about this game worth being active. ;)

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