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I kind of took a leave of absence for a nice long time, and I have went through the posts and also just watched football along with watching my favorite team just look like the local JV football team.  So I am going to ask this question besides the obvious what can we do to get our team back to the glory years of the past that I and quite a few of us fondly remember.  I have seen the Caps win the cup and the Nats win the World Series by making calculated moves and getting rid of people who doesn't fit the team and culture.  As a member of this group and a fan of this team we need to higher a competent gm such as Ossie Newsom or someone who just goes about doing their job without people meddling in what he is doing.  Now there are a few players I would get rid of with Josh Norman being the first, I love Kerrigan but his time has come and gone.  Monte I like this dude but he is an enigma he has the talent but just seems to be an major problem that is waiting to happen.  The rest of the defense I can deal with.  We need to resign Dunny no if and or buts just don't break the bank on another no Sweat is no a bust if I am right Khalil Macks first season he had 4 sack and as of right now Sweat has 3.  No he is not Bosa by any means.  Look how long it took former Skins Lorenzo to breakout and Tampa's Shaquil Barrett to break out.  Better yet just look at Preston Smith yes that guy that some people were saying was not worth keeping and see what he is doing in with the Packers need I say more.  Offense that's another story we need a LT because just not sure about Christian and Penn is getting up in age and Morgan I mean we can do better for sure.  Now with Brandon I want him back just don't want to break the bank he is good just not sure if he can stay injury free.  We need to draft a TE that can block and can be a good receiver in the worst way and for the matter we need 2 of them.  AP hmmmm I luv the guy but I am up in the air with him I want him to stay for sure but at the same time I want Guice to prove he can stay healthy.  We have young wr's which I am cool with for sure let them learn as they go.  For the people that is saying draft a qb please stop it and let this guy work his way through and learn.  


I have more thoughts but not going to shoot everything is one shot but glad to be back and will be answering and posting for the foreseeable future folks HTTR forever

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2 hours ago, turtle28 said:

Good to see you post again @Legend_Kenny ! I concur with your entire post!

Yep, sums it up pretty well. Won't/ can't ..be fixed in one off-season.. and I'm gittin' old . 

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