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All I can say is I've never felt more apathetic towards a Thanksgiving game. Winning is also losing, losing is also winning, and I'm just waiting to see what happens. With a win ill be pumped for next week. With a loss ill be excited for change. But both feel dirty.

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So long as we have back Cooper and Zeke healthy I do believe any game is possible for us to win concerning making playoffs Etc. I know we have great difficulties with so much incompetence involving this organization. I cannot vote against this group so long as there is a chance. No matter how much I despise and hate J&G.

Let's go boys

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2 hours ago, atran35 said:

Season is LOST. Go Bills. I want JG out NOW. 

Imagine being a division leading team, that has lost to 3 (saints, vikes, pats) of the best teams in the NFL by like 8 total points, and thinking "the season is lost". 

Weve been blown out ONE game. And even in that game, it was flukey as hell on 2 of the INTs. 


Have none of you ever seen a playoff underdog win some games/the superbowl?

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