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First Rd ..second attempt @ 2020.. w/explanations

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2020 NFL Mock Draft - 
1 - Cincinnati Bengals - QB Joe Burrow / LSU 
    The consensus is that Burrow will be the #1 pick. And i think deservedly so. He will usher in a new culture to the Bengals
2 - NY Giants - EDGE Chase Young / Ohio State
     IF HE ENTERS THE DRAFT... my team will wait about 5 seconds to turn in their draft card for him. He will be the first building block they need to begin a new brand of Giant pass rush
3 - Miami Dolphins - OT Andrew Thomas / Georgia
     Dolphins i believe will wait on a QB here. Im pretty sure they have Tua in their sites despite the injury concern. Instead they opt to take the best pass blocker in the draft in Thomas and begin the line building.
4 - Washington Redskins - WR Jerry Jeudy / Alabama
      Watched the Skins take on the Eagles the other day, and im still sticking with Jeudy as being their guy. Terry McLaurin is pro bowler in the making. Jeremy Sprinkle adds a little bit to the TE position and AP seems to be able to still play at 34. I know ppl wanna castrate me for not giving them an olineman here but with Thomas being taken by the Dolphins, i see the Skins taking the best WR that Alabama has produced since Julio Jones. 
5 - Detroit Lions - CB Jerry Okudah / Ohio State
     There was no secret the Lions defense and team as a whole was upset when Quandre Diggs got traded to Seattle and Darius Slay is entering the final year of his 4 year extension. I think they bring in Okudah to lock down 1 spot.    
6 - Arizona Cardinals - DL Derrick Brown / Auburn
     This one was tough. On 1 hand the offensive line should be addressed. And Tristan Wirfs could be the call here. It depends on what Cards management deems the bigger sense of urgency. Kyler Murray's played well for them.. but its gonna be very hard to draft an olineman when Derrick Brown is sitting there. 
7 - NY Jets - OT Tristan Wirfs / Iowa
     Jets grab the guy the Cardinals had a tough time making a call on. Easy call here for the fact that Sam Darnold needs protection badly. 
8 - Jacksonville Jaguars - DL Javon Kinlaw / South Carolina
      Jaguars i have another issue with. They could use another downfield threat to give to Minshew or even an olineman. But the Jags bread and butter has been defense and they have fallen off a map. Its time to bring a nasty SOB of a lineman on the defense. Kinlaw i think gets the call here
9 - LA Chargers - QB Justin Herbert / Oregon 
     Chargers have to move on from Phillip Rivers. He is a shell of what he used to be. Herbert is a big strong kid with a cannon for an arm. Had he been in the draft last year, he was going to be the #1 or #2 QB taken even then. They dont pull the trigger now, they will not get him in round 2.
10- Carolina Panthers -  DB Grant Delpit / LSU 
     Tre Boston is heading for FA along with James Bradberry and Ross Cockrell as well. Delpit's a born leader on the Tigers defence. I could see him going in this spot here. This pick could be the other Tiger Kristian Fulton but i got my money on Delpit here.
11- Denver Broncos - LB Isiah Simmons / Clemson
     Tough call to make here as i keep thinking of going for an offensive tackle. Is Denver upper management ok with Garrett Bolles play? Well see. But besides that the Denver defense isn't the same as it once was. I could see Isiah Simmons getting the call here and lining up with Von Miller. 
12- Atlanta Falcons - DL AJ Epenesa / Iowa 
     At some point Grady Jarrett will get a tag team partner to get after the opposing QBs. 
13- Las Vegas Raiders - WR CeeDee Lamb / Oklahoma
    If im a Raider fan, i have to be in shock that CeeDee Lamb has fallen into our laps. I think Mike Mayock scoops this kid up right away to give Derek Carr a downfield threat.     
14- Indianapolis Colts - WR Laviska Shenault / Colorado
   At some point Colts management will realize u have to have another weapon on ur team besides TY Hilton. Is this a quarterback?... Are they satisfied with Jacoby Brissett? Well see.
15- Cleveland Browns - OT Austin Jackson / USC
   Browns have to replace both tackles if u ask me. The protection has not been good at all from the left tackle position.
16- Philadelphia Eagles - WR Henry Ruggs III / Alabama
  Eagles are a team im torn on. They could use a corner here because Ron Darby and Sydney Jones are adequate at best and Jalen Mills is just awful with giving up too many deep balls. But. When u take a look at how banged up they are at the WR position u suddenly change your mind. Alshon Jeffery cant stay healthy, Desean Jackson cant stay healthy and isnt getting any younger and then u also have Nelson Agholor who is so-so this season. 
17- Las Vegas Raiders (f/Bears) -  LB Dylan Moses / Alabama
   I could see Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock agreeing on this one. Moses before the injury was the top LB in college. I think this is the one team that will pull the trigger and go after him.
18- Tampa Bay Buccaneers -  OT Trey Adams / Washington
  Buccs need an upgrade over Dotson and possibly even Smith. Adams is an absolute monster of a human being out of the Huskies program
19- Tennessee Titans -  EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos / PSU 
  I could see the Titans taking this guy to line up opposite Landry. 
20- Jacksonville Jaguars - OT Alex Leatherwood / Alabama
 Jags take a guy to help start building up the lines, only this time on the offensive side of the ball. 
21- Dallas Cowboys -  DL Raekwon Davis / Alabama
  Watched the Cowboys / Rams game the other night and while impressive play on both sides of the ball, it looked to me they lack a greater push in the middle of their defense. I could see Davis getting the call here.
22- Miami Dolphins (f/Steelers) -  QB Tua Tagovailoa / Alabama
 Miami waits it out and gets their man at this point in the draft. Now while many may say the Phins could wait until the 2nd round, i dont think its a smart move. Tua could easily get taken by an unexpected team such as the Patriots. 
23- Miami Dolphins (f/Texans) - EDGE Curtis Weaver / Boise State
 Dolphins got 2 on offense. Potential franchise QB and the man to protect him, now bring in the pass rusher u sorely need. 
24- Minnesota Vikings - C/OG Tyler Biadasz / Wisconsin
  Vikes need better interior line play and Biadasz is coming out of Olineman U. 
25- Buffalo Bills - WR Tee Higgins / Clemson
  John Brown and Cole Beasley are solid targets for the Bills but they still need a big rangy guy who can stretch the field. Higgins would be ideal in this situation.
26- Kansas City Chiefs - ILB Malik Harrison / Ohio State
  Chiefs look to upgrade that defense with the stud out of the Buckeye program. 
27- Green Bay Packers - OT Prince Tega Wanogho / Auburn
  The idealology in Green Bay will be the same its always been. Keep Aaron Rodgers upright. 
28- SF 49ers - C/OG Creed Humphrey / Oklahoma
 After watching the 49ers get embarassed by the Falcons the other night, the thing that stood out to me is the guard play was awful.. The interior line was definitely not what i expected. Humphrey is just a monster. Should he declare, he goes here or even higher. 
29- NE Patriots - WR Tyler Johnson / Minnesota
  Pats are still lacking that TE since Gronk retired. Ben Watson has been adequate but this draft is sorely lacking an elite TE. In my opinion the Pats will switch gears and go after a wideout. So i think with the aging Julian Edelman, they take Ty Johnson to compete alongside Edelman and N'Keal Harry. 
30- New Orleans Saints - RB Johnathon Taylor / Wisconsin
 This team is super hard to gauge. Its tough to give them a prospect.. when u have everything. Taylor and Kamara would just flat out be insane out of that backfield. This would represent a BPA situation.
31- Seattle Seahawks - CB Kristian Fulton / LSU 
 Seahawks begin the new legion of boom quest. Fulton sliding this far is highway robbery. 
32- Baltimore Ravens -  ILB Ken Murray / Oklahoma
  Ravens havent really got any weaknesses. To me i dont think theyve fully replaced CJ Mosely , so they take Murray out of the Sooners program
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Great pick for Denver. As a guy that been scounting OL a lot I love Thomas, my other option would be Tristan Wirfs. Either one would make me happy with Burrow and Tua gone.

About that. I know Trey Adams is a great player. But the injuries issues are too big for me to believe he will go 1st round. Let alone that high

The OLs that I expect to go in the 1st round are (in that order):


Jedrick Wills

Austin Jackson

Tyler Biadasz

Creed Humphrey (if declares)

Alex Leatherwood (maybe falls to the second because scouts can't decide if he is a tackle or a guard)

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Cam Wake just got put on IR, and Laundry needs a partner in crime. We don't have any issues at safety. Corner is the only thing if Logan Ryan isnt resigned though. 

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6 - Atlanta Falcons - EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos / PSU 

As his name says at the 6th pick thats just Gross.  I'll gladly pass on Yetur that early in the draft and i actually like the dude a bit.  But thats just asking for trouble reaching that much when you have needs at like 3 or 4 other positions with better value at those positions there to choose from.   DT, FS, CB, and LB are all other needs we can look at in round 1 as well and possibly even Andrew Thomas if he fell to us. 

Still here is 4 or 5 other people i would have taken at 6 over Matos just based on need and value alone.   Derrick Brown - DT,  Grant Delpit - FS, Isaiah Simmons - LB,Jerry Okudah - CB,  AJ pensesa - DE.   Those are guys i have as legit top 10 players that mi not against taking at 6.  Although AJ is a minor reach but still a better value than Matos to me.  AJ i would prefer in the 10 to 15 range and Matos in the 15 to 20 range if we want to trade down for either of them and pick up some picks to do so.

Derrick Brown would be my main target there at DT though to put next to Grady as i think he is a legit top 5 talent after Chase Young< (i'll offer to trade up for him if anyone is biting lol.)   Andrew Thomas,and the QB's.  Those are the only guys i have rated higher than Brown.

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11 hours ago, Giants4eva said:

23- Kansas City Chiefs - RB Johnathon Taylor / Wisconsin 

Good player but we can't afford to go RB in round 1. I think we can wait til round 3 to get someone.

I'd much prefer the following, in no order:

OG Tyler Biadasz

CB CJ Henderson

OT Alex Leatherwood

OT Calvin Throckmorten

LB Kenneth Murray

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Ummm it's worth a try but you have to know that if Washington does not pick in the top 2 and we some how pick at the top 5 wr is not who and what the team needs.  If you look at the news on what use to be our starting LT doesn't want to play here no more.  So ideally our pick won't be a wr it will more than likely be Thomas the LT to replace the one that no longer is on the team.

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Think I'd prefer Wirfs with that second 1st round pick but hard to complain.

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